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10 Years of Love and War/5 times Tamar Braxton "Mic was on!"

Can ya'll believe that ten years have passed since Thee Tamar Estine Braxton released her second studio album, "Love and War." If you're a fan of the TV series "Braxton Family Values" and "Tamar and Vince," you know this album is like Tamar's baby. It was proof that Tamar could be a star in her own right and not live in the shadow of her older sister, the living legend Toni Braxton. Tamar mentioned that she was tired of being Toni's "Doo-Wop chick," meaning she was no longer interested in being Toni Braxton's backup singer forever.

When Tamar's album, 'Love and War' was released, she proved to the world that she could hold her own in a family of talented sisters and brothers. The album's debut single was "Love and War" followed by "The One" and "All the Way Home". This album earned Tamar her first Grammy nomination. Her third single, "All the Way Home" became certified platinum, selling over one million equivalent units.

Tamar is starting her Love and War 10th anniversary tour tonight in Texas, which will end in Detroit in January with a special guest opening the show in each city. This tour is to celebrate ten years of Tamar's "Love and War" album. In honor of her first show, let's look at five times when Tamar's mic was on, and she delivered her best performances.

  • "My Man" at the BET Awards, Tamar was inspired to write this song because of a personal experience during her childhood. During this performance, you had no choice but to notice that Tay felt every word and sang her heart out.

  • "Love and War" on the episode of her reality show Tamar and Vince. Tamar was in rehearsal and belted out that song like it was nothing. Every note came out effortlessly, and she had the nerve to be sitting, now tell me that's not talent.

  • "The National Anthem" We all know that this song is a difficult one to pull off, but Tay took on the challenge and hit each note perfectly.

  • "Be Grateful" We all know Tamar as an R&B singer, but we know where her roots are, and that's in the church. Yes, Tamar was a choir kid. So, when she took the stage at the BET Gospel Celebration, she reminded all of us that she's not to be slept on.

  • "All the Way Home" During a show last year Tamar sang this fan favorite and reminded us that she's da bomb .com lol.


What's your favorite single from 'Love and War'? Will you be attending any of the shows? Are y'all all ready for another Album from Tamar?


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