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It was the early 2000s, the era when girls used to wear velour Baby Phat sweatsuits with the word "Juicy" printed across the backside, and the guys wore white tees that were five sizes too big, along with shorts that almost touched the floor. Back then, the term "couple goals" wasn't a thing, but there were a few couples who had invested everything in their relationships, hoping that their love would last forever. The princess of Hip Hop and R&B and Mr. Derrty himself, Nelly, were the "it" couple of that time, taking over every red carpet and collaborating on music, just like every it couple in the music industry does. Nelly and Ashanti dated for about ten years before calling it quits, which was devastating to fans because, after a decade, everyone assumed they were in it for the long run. Although the cause of the breakup is unknown, the public speculated that Nelly may not have been ready to take their relationship to the next level.

It has been approximately 20 years since the hottest couple 2003 parted ways. However, they have rekindled their love and are giving their relationship another chance. As they say, if it comes back around, it was meant to be. Earlier this year, Ashanti confirmed their relationship status when she walked the pink carpet at the MTV VMAs carrying a clutch with a throwback picture of herself and Nelly from 20 years ago. It was the same year they met at the VMA's and exchanged numbers. How cute!


Recently, at Nelly's annual Black and White ball, which is hosted in his home city of St. Louis and raises money to help his community, both Nelly and Ashanti were on the stage during a speech when they both made jester to insinuate that Ashanti is pregnant with the couples first child. Fans who have supported the couple from day one are genuinely happy for the couple, flocking to social media with positive thoughts and happiness. But in the social media fashion of haters and Twitter fingers, many women have shamed Ashanti over the alleged pregnancy; some say that she's a 40-something baby mom, and another content creator went on to say that Ashanti was just a rebound; wow! Saying a lot of black women are too comfortable with being the baby mom. Even though negative energy was abundant towards Ashanti, many black women came to Ashanti's defense, one Twitter (X) user saying we need to worry about our own uterus, others saying that there shouldn't be any judgment when most of the judgment has come from people who aren't even in successful relationships themselves.


Ladies, how do you feel about Ashanti allegedly being pregnant without being married? Do you think that being married is guaranteed to keep a man when carrying a child? Do you believe Ashanti settled because she is getting older, or is Nelly her true love? Are Black women always judged when they are pregnant without being a wife first? Why can't Black women just decide to be happy and be in a committed relationship without being legally bound to each other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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