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Black Publicists are the Solution

Camille Davis and Chandra Gore of The PR Collective DC ( have a combined track record of dynamic placements and successful campaigns through their individual agencies: Montage Public Relations, LLC (MontagePR) and Chandra Gore Consulting.

Together, Camille and Chandra are calling businesses, large-and-small, to hire Black Publicists. 

Here are four of the many reasons why:

1. Messaging

People of Color are the niche audience... now more than ever before.

Where your brand and products may have attempted to appeal to society in general, we see that society is actually very much segmented. 

Right now, giving a voice to the voiceless is ensuring the brands and products they subscribe to understand and honor their spending power. 

All communications must be changed and geared towards "compassionate marketing." 

Being sensitive and ensuring your brand is one your customers can trust.

2. Impact

What is your corporate social responsibility?

What are your values?

Black Publicists are able to communicate to the public and your stakeholders your beliefs, along with your specific commitment to spark change in a way that our counterparts are not.

3. Visibility

It's about more than simply stating your commitment or issuing a crisis management statement. 

Customers want to see that you not only "talk the talk, but also walk the walk." 

Post your Executive leadership team and highlight the internal operations you have in place as a demonstration of your commitment. Show there are opportunities for people of color within your organization and its vision.

Also consider...

Have you built relationships with Black Media as well as National Media outlets? Black Publicists have.

4. Accountability

What campaigns are you will to launch and put in place to advance your message? 

Ensure you're hitting milestones towards your new end goal. 

For more information on the PR Collective DC, follow PRCollectiveDC on instagram or visit!



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