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Blaze Steak & Seafood: Date Night Review

Who doesn't love amazing food, trying new flavors and new combinations that make your palette dance? Those who know me know that food is my love language, so on my recent trip to Atlanta I took the opportunity to try out a restaurant that I've been wanting to check out since they opened up in 2020.

Blaze Steak & Seafood is a Black-owned establishment in Atlanta, Georgia. It is owned by reality television personalities turned restauranteurs Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker. The couple currently has two other restaurants under their belt, and named this one "Blaze" after their youngest daughter. It has a more upscale menu compared to their Old Lady Gang Restaurants.

(Image via Instagram)

From the moment we walked in, the vibe was vibing... from the music, the staff and the ambience. Despite it being a Friday night, there was no crowd and we were seated right away. Our waitress was friendly and helpful with the drink recommendations (the drinks were not familiar to me), so I went with her favorite of the signature drinks the "Blaze Sidecar." It is a chilled drink with Cognac, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice, and a sugared rim. Seeing that it had sugar was all that I needed to put me on board, because I love a sweet drink. It definitely added the suttle taste of sweetness I needed. My boyfriend, and date for the evening, went with what he knows and ordered a Long Island. Surprisingly, the drink was clear (unlike other Long Island's, to my knowledge). Tasting it, I understood why... it consisted entirely of top shelf liquor, with a pinch of Coca Cola. I can assure you that it did what it needed to do.

Once drinks were served, we started off with appetizers: the chef's signature recipe deviled eggs and the blaze wings. We started off with the eggs, which had the perfect balance of sweet and savory and I loved the chunks of relish that were in them. Now, if you wanted to elevate your eggs, they have the option of adding bacon or shrimp as a topping. Instead, we opted out of those choices due to both being allergic to seafood and I simply don't like bacon. I know, I know... don't come for me about the bacon; I'm just not a fan of it (lol).

Now, let me tell y'all about those Blaze wings! They are the best things I have tasted in a long time; from the sauce to the crunchiness, it was just pure perfection. I'm not sure how they were able to keep the crunch of the chicken seeing as though it was doused in that amazing sauce. I suggest that Todd and Kandi start serving larger portions of the chicken and also bottle up the sauce, because Money Bags Burruss would most certainly make a bag from that sauce.

Okay... enough about the wings and sauce; let's move on to entrees. I went with the Lamb Chops that were marinated and flame broiled. They were served with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. My date had the Atlantic Salmon, that was pan seared and brushed with a brown sugar glaze, served with rice pilaf and broccoli. The lamb was cooked to perfection and the mash had a garlicy-and-buttery flavor that balanced out the sweetness of the sprouts that appeared to be roasted. I didn't taste the Salmon, but from my boyfriends point of view, the Salmon had great flavor. The only downside was that the rice was extremely salty (which I tasted just to make sure that he wasn't being dramatic). The positive side was that the staff was very accommodating and had no problem switching the rice out with a bowl of mash.

Overall, the atmosphere was chill, but also was giving laid back party vibes if that makes sense. I sang and danced the whole night, all the while enjoying my food and my company. I would recommend Blaze Steak & Seafood as a must go to, date night spot. Let me know what other spots I must try on my next trip to ATL!

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