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Dr. Bessie Answers the Call to Strengthen Mother Daughter Relationships.

Dr. Bessie Fletcher, renowned Christian Clinical Psychologist, Founder and Senior Minster of Mother and Daughter Faith Trust Ministries heard the voice of God and she answered. She was guided to create the mother and daughter workshops and her dream of being a corporate trainer was put aside 20 + years ago.

During our interview she details why the mother daughter dynamic is so important to not only to the mother and daughter but to the family dynamic and also the world around them.

As Mother's Day approaches - She gives us two ways to nurture and rebuild a strained mother/daughter relationship.

The first thing she suggests a mother to do is to come into a session honestly and truthfully. She suggests that the mother apologize to her daughter. This will set the tone forgiveness and this will set the tone of nurturing so that the daughter will relax and fully open up. The second thing she suggests is to allow the daughter to express herself fully - without any penalties. The daughter will disclose how she feels and allow the mother insight to what has been causing any separation or discord. Both mother and daughter will make an agreement to be honest and open with each other. She also suggests that the mother and daughter spend quality time with each other with no distractions. No cell phones or electronic devices. Just quality time. Both mother and daughter should look each other in the eyes and hold each other for 30 seconds to reconnect through the eyes.

Full Audio Interview below:

Per her bio, Dr. Fletcher is an advocate for mothers and daughters. She is on a spiritual mission to help heal the most dangerous weapon to our families – the lack of love, trust and honest communication in the mother and daughter relationship.

She has created a connection between thousands of mothers and daughters globally, through her Mother and Daughter Roundtable Radio program for over five years on, helping them to achieve better communication, resulting in a stronger bond, loving and trusting relationships. Call 347-539-5078, each Saturday morning at 10 AM to join the conversation.

Tune in on April 29, 2020 for the premiere of her new show, MY MOTHER, MY DAUGHTER exclusively on YouTube -

Catch the Premiere her new show, MY MOTHER, MY DAUGHTER on YouTube on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 on YouTube.

Find out more about Dr. Bessie and the Mother & Daughter Faith Trust Ministries via the website at

You can purchase her book, Good News: God Speaks to Mothers and Daughters on Amazon

Also follow the organization on Social Media at Twitter and Facebook


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