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'Family Affair,' a self-help album

Xscape group member, Tamika Scott, released a solo album, 'Family Affair' last month. Scott turned her pain and experience into a tool for self-help.

We've heard of self-help books... but, a self-help album? Scott's intent when releasing 'Family Affair," was to provide a takeaway experience for those dealing with loss and infidelity.

She says, "Every song is something I experienced, and I want listeners to know that I am just as human as they are. I felt hurt and had to heal from it. I went through the storms and had to encourage myself, I fell in love after being hurt and was afraid to love again. These are just a few things I want everyone to take from each song."

She channeled her emotions and used her personal experiences as a lesson plan for the modern-day woman.

Whether enduring a break up, the growing pains or ups and downs of love, having a tool to work through the emotions may be the best option for mental health and combating anxiety and depression. Scott says, "I love to encourage Women to Love themselves and to know how special and how powerful we are. Never settle!! Know your worth and reach for the Heavens. The world is ours, we just have to go out and posses it!!" She continues, "Women empowerment is EVERYTHING to me." Through her words and experience, others are about to find light, refuge, clarity and in some instances, a way out.

Coming up with the track list for her EP 'Family Affair' was a collaborative process. She says, "Darnell Winston, the CEO of Brolic Entertainment and I had several conversations about the placement of songs and we decided that we wanted the EP to start and finish strong."

Listeners are able to take a journey alongside the artist, and discover strength through the process.

Representing for the Culture is a great responsibility. Often you're a story teller and a hero, whether you intend to be or not. Scott's vulnerability is what we want from our R&B artists; someone to lead and reassure us that there's a way out. In time of pain, whether internally or as a collective, album's such as these keep us connected. Scott says "It's very important for me to represent for our culture!! We have always contributed in so many ways to our society and it should be known! It is my responsibility to contribute through my music!" She continues, "Almost like a life lesson. If I can sing about certain situations then maybe someone will listen and learn from my experience."

Being "fly and fearless" is effortless for Scott. In fact, she says it's her motto! "I believe in Showing up, Setting The Tone, and Making My Presence Felt!!"

Today, Scott helps develop and mold artists to funnel their emotions to be a model to others. Her daughter, Young Niyah; for example. Young Niyah is the first artist under Scott's record label, Brolic Entertainment. Scott says she developed this label specifically to "give Young Niyah the opportunity to pursue her life dream of rapping... to guide her in the right direction so she wouldn't have to experience the negative things I had to. I also educate her along the way."

Scott intends to use her industry knowledge to propel the culture; in particular, to develop a label of successful, well-rounded artists we can lean on and grow with. She says, "Unlike most labels, I want my artist to fully understand the Entertainment Buisness in it's entirety. When looking for an artist I look at their Talent, work ethics, their passion and determination of doing above and beyond everything as artist to become successful."


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