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For Better or For Worst?

If marriage vows promise to stay together through thick and thin, then what should we do if we are unhappy in the relationship? Should we pretend to be happy just to keep up appearances, or should we stay together for the sake of our children? Alternatively, should we accept that sometimes things don't work out and make the difficult decision to end the marriage?

Will and Jada / Photo IG: @jadapinkettsmith

We are all familiar with the Hollywood power duo, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. The couple have been married for 26 years and have always appeared to have a happy home. They have been an inspiration to many, and some even consider them as the ultimate relationship goal. Together, Jada and Will have two kids while Will has an older son from a previous relationship. Both of them have been successful individually as highly decorated movie stars, and they also jointly own their own production company.

For many years, rumors have circulated that the Smiths' marriage was an open one. However, Will and Jada have never directly addressed the rumors of infidelity or their open marriage. The issue of an open marriage came to light when Jada was accused of having a fling with R&B singer August Alsina. On her Facebook talk show "Red Table Talk," Jada confirmed the incident, saying, "I got into an entanglement with August," but also clarified that she and Will were not together at the time.

Smith Family/ Photo IG: @jadapinkettsmith

It was shocking news when we learned that the famous couple, Will and Jada, had separated after being together for so long. However, two years later, as Jada is about to release her new memoir "Worthy", we found out that they had actually been separated for seven years. During her press run, Jada revealed to Today Show correspondent Hoda Kotb that they were trying to learn how to have a successful partnership, and they didn't know how to present their struggles to the world. She also explained that many things had contributed to the relationship breaking down, and they had both been stuck in a fantasy of what they wanted the other person to be.

Are we surprised by this news or have Will and Jada been giving us subtle hints that their marriage was not as strong as we thought it was?

Photo IG: @jadapinkettsmith

Do the pressures of being a high-profile couple justify jeopardizing your own happiness? Did Will and Jada feel obligated to present themselves as the epitome of a "Perfect Marriage" to inspire other couples? Why do you think Jada is revealing this now, after seven years? Does a marriage ending in divorce necessarily imply failure? Do you believe that the Smiths will be able to move on independently?

Jada's Book "Worthy" comes out October 17th and if she's spilling this tea, I'm sure there will be lots more we didn't know. Let me know if this shocking news will make you go purchase the book.

"Worthy" Book Tour Schedule/ Photo IG: @jadapinkettsmith


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