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Amazon Prime picks up another Black Series, $hh'niche starring Actress Nicole Crump

“Info’s niche puts him up against the most notorious criminals in Atlanta,” and throughout the first and second seasons, "Info" has been stacking thousands of dollars simply, ith not so trusting people hitting his Cash App for an exchange of valuable knowledge. Ever since "Info’s" father was murdered and killer never found, "Info" has taken that emotional hurt and turned it to a business of becoming the “streets P.I." Is it all worth it when he suddenly becomes entangled with the streets, eventually involving his daughter, mother and girlfriend who has been living under a secret alias. $hh’niche takes us on so many twists and turns that it's impossible to predict what will happen next. Season 3 premiers January 7, and we're all wondering if "Info" will sacrifice his own life or turn his back on his friend.


$hh’niche has many, talented actors and actresses, but one in particular stands out as fond to our heart... our own Woman for the Culture; Nicole Crump, Actress, Model, Celebrity Stylist who plays "Info’s" best friend "Tiesha" is returning for Season 3 as well! I've been intrigued by this show since day one, and excited to learn more about "Tiesha" and "Info’s' friendship. "Tiesha" seems to be a loyal and committed friend, but you never know when it comes to the luck (or lack thereof) that "Info" has been having. According to the promotion of Season 3, "Tiesha" is connected in this web, but how?

The outcome awaits.

Catch up on season 1 & 2 of $hh'nich on Youtube and the highly anticipated third season, picked up by Amazon Prime.


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