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Meet Ashley Banks: Cancer Researcher, Small-Business Owner, and Author

As a child, your parents are your heroes. They are always there for you for whatever you need. Imagine being five years old, and one day you wake up and see your mother or father weak, unable to care for you or even themselves because of cancer. Can you imagine how life-altering that could be for a child?

Her children’s book, “I Love You Forever” is teaching children how to cope with their feelings and emotions while a family member is battling cancer. It reassures them that there is no correct way to feel, and that grieving and coping looks different for each individual and that’s okay. Her book is readily available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Online.

Some children lose their loved ones in an instant, leaving the child with no time to properly grieve. Being so young and to experience a traumatic experience such as this unfortunately happens too often. Misplaced emotions often shows up as anxiety or depression within children.

This Atlanta mother recounts her own childhood, watching her mother battle with cancer and eventually passing on. Through her passion of science she developed her small business,

, which provides an alternative medical care that will reverse and prevent disease using fundamental healing principles of mind-body medicine.

For more information on “I Love You Forever” or Ashley Banks, visit

on Instagram.

WRITTEN BY Preshus January, Let's P. Creative


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