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On The Road to Building Generational Wealth with Tere Tatiana

Yes, Tere Tatiana is from Georgia; but don't confuse her for your average "Georgia Peach." She is 34-years old and on her way to becoming a multi millionare. She is living proof that you can be smart, sexy, a single mother, an influencer and a multi-faceted powerhouse. Tere was born in the humble town of Statesboro, Georgia, where she aspired to greatness... for her self and her community. She is a college graduate who contracted work with the government in Afghanistan, and eventually wanted to come home. Fast forward to now. Tere has several businesses, and she recently sat down to discuss launching a free, virtual trucking course for Black Women who are trying to build generational wealth or get into a new industry that is currently male dominated.

Here's her Q&A with W4TC:

Q. What was your inspiration for starting your trucking business and launching your virtual trucking course?


A. I've been in logistics since 2009 during my government contract in Afghanistan. I bought my first truck around 2011, and over the years my business has grown. I had a lot of people asking questions about where to start or how to utilize different resources, and I wanted to build something for them. My goal was for it to be for the betternment of my people.

Q. Who helped you launch your career in the trucking industry?

A. My parents helped me start the conversation; but at the time they weren't completely convinced, because it is a male-dominated industry. My family has been in trucking industry almost two decades now. They did tell me I needed to start investing my money into something.

Q. What was was the first step to launching Labeled Blu Transportation?

A. I bought this very mediocre truck. It was a 1995 Freight Liner. My goal was to just atleast make the money back that I paid for it and go from there. At the time, I was reluctant, but it got me to where I am now.

Q. How many trucks do you own now? How many employees do you have?

A. I own four freight liners and two dump trucks. I currently have nine employees.

Q. With the launching of Labeled Blu Collections, Labeled Blu Realty, Labeled Blu Transportation, and Southern Hospitality Adult Daycare Facility, what is your ultimate goal?

A. My goal is to show people, especially Black people, it can be done. So many times were are told what we can't do, or why it can't be done; but I am living proof it can be done. I also am willing to drop knowledge for the progress of my community. We deserve to go on fancy trips, own homes and invent products. We just need to help each other out. Black people; more specifically Black Women, deserve the world.

Q. Are there any final words you have for the aspiring entrprenuers out there?

A. Invest in yourself, remain positive, define your own version of success, shoot for the stars, remain steadfast, and always have multiple streams of income.

The self titled "serial entreprenuer" is on the rise and she is bringing her community with her. We both come from similar backgrounds... being raised by southerners, and sometimes feeling limited of what we were capable of accomplishing. She has inspired me, and many others that so much can be done with any platform we apply ourselves to. Tere Tatiana is launching a free virtual trucking course October 9th. Feel free to follow her social media handle for updates on how to get into her virtual courses, @iamteretatiana.


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