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Ready for Sip and Tell? "Hey Sis" is the raw truth we've been looking for!

We say we want the truth, but can we handle the truth? When it comes to dating and relationships, women simply want to know what to expect from a man; what is it that they really want? It's time to stop beating around the bush, and the new YouTube series, "Hey Sis," does just that.

Not actors or chatacters, real-life men and women comprise the "Hey Sis" - Sip and Tell Series cast. These are real people, having real conversations on controversial topics; mostly related to sex and relationships.

Producer, Writer and Videographer Katrin Judkins wanted to "create something that all women would relate to and could be apart of. Something that wouldn’t separate us by race, class or body image." While the show has a comedic tone, "Hey Sis" hits on realistic issues regarding femininity and self confidence. The series explores topics that may have otherwise been too taboo or raunchy to discuss publicly, but things men and women are dying to know, such as "Does size really matter?"

It's an age-old question; but sip and tell, is the opportunity for us to comfortably lay our true feelings and thoughts on the table, with no judgments. It is Judkins hope to "empower women to become more confident in who they are, allow them to see life beyond societal pressures and be able to attack life fearlessly" through each episode. She says, you can expect "to laugh for sure; to gain understanding of how women think and feel, but most importantly... why they feel."

Inspired by the VH1 series "I love the 90's," "Hey Sis" has a similar, "retro' feel/appearance; however, the material, Judkins says, "was inspired by my life, the women around me, and some of my favorite shows: "Sex in the city," "Chelsea Lately" and "Key & Peele."

Raw-and-unfiltered content is the premise of this series; however, Judkins says "this series is completely incomparable to anything you’ve ever seen before." The comedic undertone is an intentional mechanism to bring comfort to the controversial topics, as Judkins is committed to creating an environment where women can "feel confident in expressing their real feelings and beliefs without being judged." The series will also help "establish better communication between women and men through understanding, and to bring awareness to issues women face each day."

With six episodes slated for the first season, "Hey Sis" is set to premiere at midnight, on the morning of September 10th, and new episodes air bi-weekly thereafter on Youtube & IG (Instagram) TV.

If you're looking for understanding of yourself and others, particularly what and why men or women think the way they do, this is the series for you. Judkins says, "I felt this series was needed, because so many things today are fantasized or based off 'likes and views.' I just wanted to bring something real to the culture to remind people of who they are and why the should appreciate it."

For more information on "Hey Sis" - Sip and Tell series, visit @heysistv on Instagram for updates.


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