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Start Your Mornings and End Your Nights with Jhené Aiko

Move over morning affirmations; Jhené Aiko has a strategy to jumpstart the mind and body. Envision gratitude and wellness as you listen to melodic tones infused with sound bath vibrations and wind chimes.

In her latest release, "Alive & Well," Jhené presents a "gratitude mantra" for us to "Be Well." She says "Alive & Well" is "to accompany you in times of sickness and/or when you are in need of a sense of wellbeing." She continues, it is "a great companion to meditation, breath work and yoga" and "can be used upon waking, falling asleep and for general relaxation." Ready to take your mind, body, and soul on a journey? This release will set you at peace, but is also intentional for healing purposes. It is "suitable for everyday use," and a W4TC top pick as it is music with thoughtful purpose behind it. Current artists should take a note out of Jhené's book.

Watch and listen below.

Click to expand the video for the lyrics in its description.


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