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Tea with Tea- You Won't Always be Happy

There is this crazy idea out there that as humans we are striving to constantly be happy.

Problem is, happy is relative and it's impossible to be happy all of the time. We are constantly pursuing happiness, and although we should all strive to find a place of peace, that peace doesn't always mean that things will be great.

That peace is something you possess in the midst of the storm. Happiness can be conditional.

Most people come to me thinking that they will reach some kind of euphoric state of peace. Reality? Transformation is much like the birthing process. There is pain, stretching, bleeding, and as beautiful as the ending is, the process isn't always pretty.

We have to be real about this when it comes to transformation. Nothing happens overnight. You will lose people along the way. You won't always know what you are doing. It will be difficult.

Life is not some Disney movie where there is this gauge of good and bad, happy or unhappy. All of that is relative and completely subjective. You decide what brings you peace and for everyone, that thing is different.

I'm not sure there is a specific key to happiness. You don't have to let the internet make you think that the end result is always this level of being completely positive. There will be days you will lose your namaste. There will be days you feel like you have it all together. Both states are correct, my Love. You can be a mess and a masterpiece at the same damn time.




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