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Tea with Tee- There is no Spark Between Us

I was having a conversation with a friend and we were discussing energy. Her and I are heavily into walking in our intuition (I'm a Medium, I live in this space). She is dating and said that she has met a few guys and gone on some dates where there was awesome chemistry. There were a few others where there was not that high level of chemistry- no spark at all!

Her question was, should she hang in there to see if chemistry can develop?

I had to pause for a sec. A few months ago, I would have said no. If there is no immediate chemistry, bounce. But I said something different.

Here is my answer:

I do natal charts for people so that they can clearly see who they are Divinely designed to be. Natal charts detail your purpose, your personality (the one you show and the one you hide), and everything from how you are in relationships to how you manage money. We have been conditioned to only understand our Sun sign, but my dear, you have MANY layers. So when we meet a person, typically the version of you offered is your Rising/ Ascendant. When you meet another person, you often meet theirs as well. The compatibility may not exist in your Rising signs. It may exist in your Moon or your Sun signs, and we would definitely look at your Venus signs for a match.

Sound foreign to you?

I have a very dear friend that I met back in the 6th grade. I remember we had to sit next to one another in class. For half the year, or maybe the entire year, we didn't care for one another. 30....something years later, she is one of my dearest friends, still. We have a lot in common, she gives great advice, and whenever we pick up the phone, it's like we never lost any time between us. Chemistry was allowed to develop.

So my answer is this...always give a person two opportunities (unless there are obvious red flags). Some of those that you have explosive chemistry with, you see that die off rather quickly. And as always, be in tune and perceptive to what is happening in the moment. Be present. Just because there was no spark on the first date or meeting doesn't mean there won't be one when everyone is focused and in the moment.

Be open.




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