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Author provides personal inspiration for Atlanta community

Award-winning author Christal Jordan has partnered with Soofa, the neighborhood news feed, to provide inspiration based around her best-selling book, 'HOW TO WIN WHEN SH*T HAPPENS: 31 Affirmations to build mental immunity in the midst of Chaos' for the metro Atlanta community. Twenty-eight posts on Soofa news boards around the city will host daily affirmations and motivational quotes from Jordan's book reminding readers to take time for personal reflection. "I'm excited to be partnering with Soofa with this revolutionary platform that offers a personal line of communication with the community. Soofa sign is the world's first outdoor electronic paper display for downtowns, neighborhoods, parks and campuses. My hope is when people are going about their day, they see these affirmations and it gives them a personal reminder to take a moment for themselves. Sometimes taking a moment to restart your thinking process is key in changing the outcome of your day," Jordan says.

Jordan selected ten significant affirmations from the book for the Soofa signs along with quotes and a daily question for each sign. Jordan believes affirmations from the book such as: “THAT WHICH MAKES ME DIFFERENT MAKES ME VALUABLE” and “I AM POWERFUL BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS AND IMAGINATIONS” will resonate with people as they pass the signs throughout their day.

Since the book’s release in May 2020, Jordan has received consistent feedback on the impact of doing the affirmations on a daily basis. "I've gotten emails, DMs and messages from the website on the impact of the affirmations. The book was written to help anyone that needs to fix their internal perspective, but this year many people needed it more than ever. From the constant feeds of current political unrest to the racial violence and economic disparity, we are all in need of "good news". “I celebrated a milestone in sales with a billboard in Times Square, a dream come true but I’m even more excited about this partnership with Soofa. Utilizing these neighborhood feeds allows me to deliver a more direct message to individuals which I think is more impactful in today’s culture,” Jordan believes.

Jordan’s Soofa newsfeeds will premiere on Friday, October 2nd in twenty-eight primary locations throughout metro Atlanta. “My birthday is October 3rd and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than helping to inspire others to believe unapologetically in themselves,” she shares.

‘HOW TO WIN WHEN SH*T HAPPENS: 31 Affirmations to Build Mental Immunity in the midst of Chaos” lists quotes from Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z, Tony Robbins, Kobe Bryant and many more. The book is currently a top-seller on Amazon and is also available at You can find Jordan’s Soofa sponsored signs throughout metro Atlanta HERE:

About Soofa Soofa is a female founded company, launched out of MIT and Harvard in 2014. Soofa is for people with a shared stake in a special place. We create the neighborhood news feed that connects a community with screens everyone can see and anyone can use. (

About the book: ‘HOW TO WIN WHEN SH*T HAPPENS: 31 Affirmations to Build Mental Immunity in the Midst of Chaos’ is a brilliantly organized compilation of thirty-one self-motivating affirmations and quotes that moves the reader from the core of self through layer after layer of fear, uncertainty, and doubt to emerge as a stronger, more self-assured individual. (


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