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W4TC Feature Of The Week

My Stoma Story

By: MichealAshley At the age of 29 I now live my life with an Ostomy or a colostomy bag (people to tend to recognize that name first) basically a small piece of small intestine lives outside of my body and I now poop in a bag. I call my stoma (which is the small intestine) Sir Poop A lot because he’s regal and extra just like me! All this came about from me not being able to go to the bathroom. I could count on one hand the number of times I went in a month. Naturally, it would cause me to feel ill and I got to a point where I needed answers. So I began seeing a specialist, I began testing and different medications. I finally found out that I had a slow transit moving colon (basically my colon didn’t work) and an unbalanced pelvic floor. To try and fix my pelvic floor I went to physical therapy for 6 months. Once that didn’t work I asked my specialist to give me the bag. I went on to see a surgeon who didn’t want to give me the Ostomy at first but thought removing my colon would be better. I got my colon removed July 27, 2016 and while all this was happening I was finishing a degree. I spent 6 days in the hospital and 2 months on bedrest. While finishing my quarter of school. I went back to school after the healing process and finished my degree on time! From July to December maybe early January my surgery was working and then the same symptoms started again. I called my surgeon and she sent me back to physical therapy but there was nothing physical therapy could do. On March 13, 2017 I was back in surgery redefining Sir and my life has changed for the better ever since. Some view having a bag as a bad thing but I view it as a beautiful thing! I’ve taken something negative and created this world of positivity around it. I slay all body shaming odds and let people know that you can live a normal, beautiful life with a bag!


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