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WE ARE Black Excellence!

We had a time last weekend y'all!! Yes, Trell Thomas put together a huge event featuring the multi-talented Black Barbie herself, Mrs. Kelly Rowland. She did not dissapoint.

Kelly gave provided gems on family, friends and her definition of "Black Excellence." There was not a dry eye in the room as she gushed over her husband and kids, and told us "this is the life I dreamed about." I'm sure we all can attest to finally feeling accomplished. Well accomplished she indeed is; however, she wants more. Her goal is legacy; building something sustainable for her children and her children's children.

The event exuded excellence from beginning until the end. Everything from the entry way, to the hand fans and Baileys you received as you exited was well thought through and planned meticulously with guests in mind. Celebrities from all around gushed over how well they felt to be apart of the event. We had excellent customer service from beginning to end. It was a brunch to remember, Trell Thomas is a class act.


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