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Wendy Williams, One of Several Producers of "Big George Foreman"

We all know the name George Foreman. He is legendary in the world of boxing and American sports history... also the name behind the "Foreman Grill." Foreman went from being a troubled youth to becoming one of the most successful heavyweight boxers in the world.

"Big George Foreman," a Sony Pictures movie release, follows the remarkable life and times of the Olympic Gold medalist. There is one scene where Big George has to hide out in feces, because the police were after him for stealing. It’s a really telling scene of how dirt poor he grew up. There are so many ups and downs in this film, it will leave you clapping and crying.

This film has several Executive Producers; Wendy Williams being one. Fans of Williams will notice and delight in her quote, “Heart of a Lion,” being depicted in this film.

From his famous “Rumble in the Jungle”, to household products guaranteed to “reduce the fat;" Foreman has done it all. He’s the unstoppable "Big George." This movie is a must see, so grab your popcorn and favorite blanket.


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