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When it comes to Self-Care and Mental Health, High Priestess Marlana says, "Try Tarot!"

It's all about mindset when you sit and think about it. Are you ready to speak positivity into your life; to rid all negative energies and seek peace?

Marlana White is a fifth generation Intuit and Healer, who uplifts Women through Mind, Body, and Spiritual Practices. Offering Products such as Luxury, All-Natural Healing Body Butters, Oils and Salves and Services from Glamping to Reiki at Graceful Healing Retreat, Marlana uses her gifts to help you "Identify the Obstacles" and "Pour Back Into You."

She specializes in Spiritual Coaching & Holistic Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul, while her passion is to uplift vibrations. Whether we know it or not, those vibrations can have an impact on your body and overall health, so positive vibrations are best.

Each Month, Marlana posts General Energies Readings on YouTube for each zodiac sign. She also does a weekly Love Reading for each zodiac sign and another weekly Love Reading for all zodiac signs. Marlana uses the energy of the cards to tap into her ultimate spiritual being and to guide her healing. For those who may be considering a personal reading, she believes "when they are ready to surrender to spirit's guidance and need assistance in coming to their power in the process" they'll inquire.

Marlana finds many come to her with a heavy head, a heavy heart, or both. She says "Most clients that want advice on their love life have something internal to themselves they need to recognize. Working on that leads them to uncover the issues they perpetuate in the relationships; therefore, if they would like to find out what that is, then I will help them get to the core of the issues."

For many women of color; however, Tarot is still taboo. Marlana, a Christian woman, works to dispel myths surrounding tarot in our community. She says, "Tarot is Taboo in religion; therefore, it is taboo with most of the black community. In the church it is considered witch craft; and therefore, not acceptable by most religious blacks. I think anything that is not packaged in the religious sector as 'acceptable,' is unacceptable; is voodoo... is cultish." To encourage the masses not to look at tarot as black magic, Marlana researches how to empower women and why women have been dis-empowered for centuries and says "it all goes back to reducing their spiritually. I want to encourage women to embrace their spirituality without limitation." Instead, be open to changing your perspective. Marlana says, "they are only cards. The meaning or interpretation of the cards depends on what meaning you want to give it."

Tarot readings by High Priestess Marlana promote healing. She says, "knowledge is power and my readings give a deeper understanding of your power or your lack of power, and where it may have originated." She continues, "by identifying the core issues, you can begin to heal." On the GracefulHealing IntuitiveTarot channel on YouTube, you'll notice Marlana's readings come with an inspirational and motivational message. Each episode challenges you to dig deep into your emotions and your thought process. She says, "Once spirit assists me with identifying the issues, I then ask spirit for assistance in identifying affirmation or advice that can assist the client." If you're in search of the truth, in addition to as Marlana says, "the light and healing," a general reading may be for you; however, she highlights "many times, we are too strong or not strong enough to face the truth and then release any associate shame, guilt, or judgement associated with the truth that we mask to remain relatable, and tolerated, by the world." Rather than fear her services, get ready to shed... to "face your deepest fears and release them so you are no longer encumbered by that burden."

We all got the memo; it's time for self care and to be attentive towards our mental health. Trying various, holistic methods to strengthen the mind, body and spirit are simply lifestyle practices. Some may prefer yoga to center the mind, while services like Reiki (which Marlana also offers) are also becoming popular, as people are becoming more open to break down and rebuild their inner selves and systems. Regardless, Marlana says, most of the mental health issues are "a result of people not fully accepting themselves, trusting themselves and... If we strip away the judgement and allow people to be who they really are, then I believe half, if not, all women suffering from depression or on some kind of mind-altering drug, would no longer need it." No matter the outlet you choose, Marlana says, "it's all a coping mechanism to handle life as it is. So, let's change the way life isn't to how it was intended to be." For more information on The High Priestess Marlana's services, visit or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @gracefulmarlana.

Photos by Marissa Orcutt.


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