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Wow Women Wednesdays: Friends that Slay the Game together, Stay Together

This week’s Wow Women Wednesday goes to the triple threat trio, Arian Simone, Monique Rodriguez, and Nichole Lynel. If you are unfamiliar with these queens, then no worries because we got you covered.

These ladies are the epitome of the term "triple threat" and are dominating their lanes of media, public relations/marketing, fashion and beauty all with one effortless slay at a time.

Meet Arian Simone- Author of My Fabulous and Fearless Journey: From Homeless to Hollywood, celebrity publicist and former tour manager for Chris Brown, creator of Fearless Magazine and the Fearless Conference, Philanthropist and overall badass.

Arian has graced many stages by sharing with audiences worldwide her journey from homelessness to Hollywood; being the mega entrepreneur, power player and champion she is for women today.

Arian is a great example of what it means to keep pushing while fearlessly believing in your greatness no matter what.

IG: @ariansimone Website:

Monique Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of Mielle Organics a beauty brand she created to provide incredible hair care for women of color. Monique has over 9 years of experience as a registered nurse with a background in science and health. Monique was inspired to share her regimen of healthy tailbone-length hair with the masses and launched Mielle Organics, a natural hair care line for naturalistas everywhere in 2014.

Monique decided to step out on faith leaving behind her career of nursing to merge her passion for science and health with her entrepreneurial spirit.

Mielle Organics can be found in Target, Sally's Beauty Supply, and CVS just to name a few.

IG: @exquisitemo

Nichole Lynel is a fashion powerhouse and pint-sized creative diva whose deigns are carefully curated and specifically created for the fashion-forward it-girl. If you are looking for a fabulous mix of inspiration and fashion, Nichole Lynel is your go to girl.

Nichole was also the co-founder of House of Chic LA but parted ways to branch out into a lane of her own and has been on a roll ever since.

Her most recent event, The Big Payback: A Fashion Experience by Nichole Lynel was a mega hit and a one of a kind event that had attendees in awe of her ingenious creativity and the overall experience she provided by giving attention to even the most minute of details.

IG: @nicholelynel

While it is relevant to note each of these beauty's accomplishments separately, it is more important to point out that they are slaying the game together, as sisters. Not in competition with one another but in collaboration and support of one another. This is what it's all about; climbing to the top while taking your sisters with you and slaying the game...together!


Brandy K


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