Envision a community of women who empower, encourage & stimulate each other's mind. That would be awesome, right? I know. Here at Women for the Culture, we want to see everyone level up on their goals, friendships and relationships.


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There are many marks of a great leader; however, there is one shared characteristic amongst them all. Selflessness. To create, fight, empower to fulfill a need of an entire society of people… that’s a divine calling. The trailblazer behind the Women for the Culture brand, Nikki Branch, birthed a platform in 2018 as a means to an end. Craving an outlet “that would be strictly a positive, safe space for women to promote their brand or business,” she set to create an on-the-go virtual community to “spotlight new businesses, brands or women who are making a mark and doing it for the culture.” Meanwhile, a Pioneer to lead a women’s empowerment and Black excellence evolution was born.

Nikki for the Culture is a Powerhouse with a personal mantra, “I have the power to create change. Selfless indeed. The marketing guru is a “nine-to-fiver" as she likes to say, but more like a “nine-to-eighter;" holding down a highly demanding, 60-hour workweek, while fitting in super mom, fiancé, ninja warrior in between. While some may call her purpose challenging, at Women for the Culture, we call her Queen.

Nikki for the Culture is a Founder committed to sharing similar tales of the Black experience; to provide not only insight but a place of refuge and also a celebration of the “underdogs." Positioning Black Women for Queendom by provoking thought and providing the necessary resources for building and healing… to Nikki, that is being for the Culture.

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Pitch Perfect... whatever she pitches lands. Most known for her work at Montage Public Relations, LLC (MontagePR) and 10 years of experience in the industry; Camille Davis' communications background (which includes the fundamentals of Journalism) and experience freelance writing for outlets such as AOL Communications' Greenbelt Patch and The Afro-American Newspapers prepared her to take on a role as Managing Editor of Women for the Culture. 


Camille is a small business advocate by trade; pushing the importance of Black-Owned and Women-Owned Business creation and sustainability. While focusing on legacy building for herself and ready to fully step into her power (words from a divine oracle speaking life into her), Camille finds great responsibility in pouring into others and upsurge, particularly of the women around her.

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"Creating a DOPE space for women to meet and be themselves!"


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