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And the Oscar Goes to... Angela Bassett

We can all finally say that "Auntie Angela" finally has an Oscar while actively having a phenomenal acting career that spans over 20 plus years. Last night, during the Governers Awards, which is an annual event celebrating awards conferred by the Academy's Board of Governors – the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, and the Honorary Award.

Ms. Bassett was awarded the Honorary Award, which is given to individuals who have achieved outstanding success in their field. Her long-time friend and sister, Regina King, presented the award to her and delivered a speech filled with love and adoration. King beautifully gave us a glimpse of what it means to be in the presence of excellence, saying, "She has a perspective, a voice, and a beauty that is proudly black!" She continued, "But what Ms. Bassett embodies at her core goes beyond anything that is skin deep; she is artistic excellence embodied in human form."

Many of us have felt that Angela has been overlooked for many years, but now she has finally received the recognition she deserves in the form of an award. Angela was gracious as she accepted her award and during her 15-minute speech, she made sure to thank everyone who has played a role in her career, from her family to her team.

During her speech, Angela spoke with a fabulous and theocratical voice filled with hope, promise, and a history lesson. She let us know that she is only the second black woman to receive an Honorary Oscar, with Ms. Cecily Tyson being the first. Angela said that this award is not just another trophy for her, but a testament to her legacy. It represents all of her contributions to the film industry and everything she has given of her mind, body, and spirit as a black actress. Ms. Bassett went on to acknowledge the first black woman to win an Oscar, Hattie McDaniel, and all the women who were able to pursue their dreams because of her, including Whoopi Goldberg, Regina King, and Ariana DeBose. Angela quoted Martin Luther King Jr., saying, "We are not makers of history; we are made by history." Powerful, right?

Let's take a moment to celebrate a well-deserved win and discuss some of Angela's outstanding performances that should have earned her an Oscar. Whether portraying a real person in a biopic or inventing a completely new character, Angela brings her unique perspective to every role. Her performances are relatable and grounded, allowing us to see ourselves in each character.

  1. Tina Turner / What's love got to do with it.

Dr. Betty Shabazz/ Malcolm X

Bernadine /Waiting to Exhale

Ramonda/ Black Panther

Katherine Jackson/ The Jacksons: An American Dream




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