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Brit, The Visual Poet, has Something Brewing. Gives Thanks Instead.

Social media is for stunting, right? Well, instagram is, atleast... Let's just be honest. Yet, and still, this photographer in the process of rebranidng her business chose to give thanks rather than to announce a major accomplishment in business and a new level of success coming her way.

In an instagram post, Britnee A. of Soulphyphoto, paid respect to those lifting her up along the way; her mentor, her husband and her God.

She says, "I haven’t given up on Soulphy AT ALL! In fact, I have latched on your an amazing mentor (@meaganceleste_) who is teaching me how to run multiple businesses, rebrand my business AND go to the next level."

Acknowledging her against herself fails, Brit praised her team for keeping her inspired and on track.

"Balancing it all became overwhelming and I started to half ass things, skip steps and I even fell into the comparison trap HARD 🤦🏽‍♀️. But instead of staying in that place of feeling less than, I did something about it. With the encouragement and tips from Meagan, the graphic design lessons from my expert husband, and spending time with God + submitting to my healing journey, things are literally looking AMAZING behind the scenes."

As she keeps us on the edge of our seats, awaiting the big announcement; we celebrate this sister's growth, elevation and humility.

"JUST 👏🏽 KNOW 👏🏽 that when things come together... GOD, my mentor, my husband, my support team and my persistence were the cause of it all! Y’all KNOW I wanna share my business SO BAD but I PROMISEEEEE YOUUUU the mic drop will be EPIC 😌🤞🏽"

Check out Brit's other passions also: thw upcoming Mahogony Mag and Soul Cast Live!


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