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Good Girl Chocolate

Dr. Tabatha Carr, ND is a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness, and the founder of Good Girl Chocolate. Good Girl Chocolate was birthed after years of diets, and fails. Personally, being 300 pounds, on blood pressure pills, and with blood sugar and hormone issues; Dr. Carr chose one, final option, on a raw diet. Missing dessert, Dr. Carr started making raw chocolate using organic cocoa powder, virgin coconut oil, and organic raw agave. Once mixed and molding in the freezer to set, she was something enjoying yumminess, while still being on a raw-food diet.

Once she changed her relationship with food, she was able to lose the weight. She lost 80 pounds, quit her job and began marketing her product and health services. She took a leap of faith; having only a dream, her 401k and money in her savings. When she first presented her product to QVC at the Texas Women’s Conference, Good Girl Chocolate didn't even have a name, packaging or a website. There were hundreds of applicants, and she was chosen. The food buyer was there, and she loved it. She stated it was the "best Vegan chocolate" she had ever tasted. That was confirmation that she was on the right track. The name came up through a brainstorming conversation, throwing out words with a friend. They were going back and forth; but when she spoke Good Girl, she knew it was the one.

Good Girl Chocolate has been featured in the Gifting Lounge at the Grammy’s, on Good Morning America, in USA Today, Forbes, Food and Wine Magazine and in over 100 other media outlets. It is also a Beyonce’ grant recipient.

You can eat Good Girl chocolate every day. You can eat it, and still say that you have been "good." It is the one-stop shop chocolate for all healthy lifestyles. This chocolate supports paleo, plant based, vegan, keto, the whole 30’s, gluten free, and no soy. Dr. Carr wanted it to be inclusive. For the best chocolate in the world check out

Dr. Carr is a co-host on the talk show The Blend. She received a call from the producer that was following her work online. Talking for about an hour, the producer invited her to the show. The Blend has conversations on body, mind, and spiritual health; a missing component from a lot of our lives. On this show, women empower women and talk all things health.

Open your G.I.F.T.S. is a Best Seller in personal and spiritual development, and a collaboration with actress, Kim Coles. Dr. Carr chose to write on Triumph, because of everything she has been through. The first line of the chapter is titled, “Are you ready to free yourself?” reads, “I’m free, I’m finally free. Are you ready to free yourself and triumph?” She was once bound, but is now free from from weight-and-hormone challenges, fibroids, cysts, lack of energy, blood pressure, blood sugar, anxiety and more. She sat down not knowing where to start, and God gave it to her in one night! To find out more about balancing hormones, leveling out blood sugar, and all things health and wellness, check out her website

Dr. Carr leaves us with an inspiring word, “Never give up on your dreams. No matter how hard it gets, or how loud the mental chatter. Always have faith in God.”


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