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I AM WELL, by Anim Aweh

I believe that the past year has taught us all that self-care is the most important kind of care; and with the stressors of the world surrounding like never before, there are times when must separate ourselves from reality and put a big pause on life. Even if that pause is just for a day (during a self-care Sunday), and we indulge in all things that makes us happy, or spoil ourselves; whether that means just laying in bed all day. No one understands this notion more than Licensed, Mental Health Therapist and Health Educator Amin Aweh. Anim says "I created the ‘I AM WELL BOX’ because I realized how people were really struggling with self-care, loneliness, and anxiety during the pandemic/quarantine."

With so much to juggle from home schooling, working at home, and still trying to have time aside from being superwoman; life can sometimes knock us on our butts to gently let us know that caring for yourself once in a while is not selfish. As Anim says "Self-care is important because it allows us to refill our own cups."

I recently received one of the I AM WELL wellness boxes, and was intrigued with what I found in the box; from the fuzzy socks (which are my favorite) to the Palo Santo (holy wood) smudge stick that I'm excited to learn more about. The box is valued at $44.99 USD for a one-time purchase; however, subscribing monthly saves you 15 percent for a total of $34.99 USD. The benefit... each month, Anim centers the boxes around each dimension of wellness and curates the boxes accordingly.

I was able to ask Anim a few questions; specifically, about her curated boxes and also found out why her calling to be in the mental-health field is so significant. You can also check out my box review, and unboxing video.

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare."

Q. What led you down the path to becoming a Licensed, Mental Health Therapist and Health Educator? Also, Why is it important to have Women of Color in those spaces?

A. I, actually, became a therapist by accident or God’s will. I thought I was going to be a physician... long story short, I ended up studying public health and went into mental health after working at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Hospital. I saw some common issues amongst Women of Color who served, and decided I wanted to understand this further. I, then, pursued my masters in social work.

Q. If someone is not quite ready to talk to a therapist, what are some other forms of therapy that could be just as effective?

A. I believe there are activities that can be therapeutic; such as journaling. Journaling can be great in exploring and understanding how we think. It’s also a great way to begin to understand patterns that we have.

Q. Diving more into self-care has been at the top of most women’s list of priorities recently. Why is self-care so important, and what are your top self-care routines?

A. Self-care is important, because it allows us to refill our own cups. Women, by nature, can be givers; we pour and pour. Sometimes, to the point where we are deprecated. Women take on many roles. Self-care is way to ensure that we take care of ourselves in the midst of our busy lives. If we aren’t at our best, we can’t give our best to the ones we love.

Q. Anim what was your purpose for creating the ‘I AM WELL BOX’?

A. I created the ’I AM WELL BOX,’ because I realized how people were really struggling with self-care, loneliness, and anxiety during the pandemic/quarantine. By using the eight dimensions of wellness, I hope to make sure that our customers focus on all areas of their health. When we are more balanced, we feel better and show up better.

Q. How do you decide what goes in the box each month?

A. Each month, I choose one of the dimensions of wellness and center the box around that.

Q. Where can we follow you for daily inspiration, and where can we all purchase the ’I AM WELL BOX?’

A. You can always follow me on Instagram: @animaweh and Facebook: Anim Aweh LCSW




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