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Samantha A. Gordon Creative Studio

Over the weekend, I had the honor to sit and chat with founder and CEO of Samantha A. Gordon Creative Studio. Check out our Q&A to learn more about her journey of creating the best feels to help her work through postpartum depression.

Q: Tell us, who is Samantha Gordon?

A: I am a mother, creative entrepreneur, floral designer and writer. I am a self-care advocate, lover of creating the best feels, and professional baby cuddler (lol). 

Q: What inspired you to start blogging?

A: My real-life experiences inspired me. My goal was to create a platform for new, black mamas like myself. Just to connect, and have those “I see you, and I feel you mama” moments. Postpartum depression hit me hard after I had my first child. I really didn’t even know in full what postpartum depression was at the time. Once I started doing my research and talking to my doctor, I noticed it wasn’t a lot of black moms (at that time) speaking on postpartum depression, or even how to deal with it in the black community. I knew I couldn’t be the only one; so, I decided to blog about my journey and experiences during that time. That’s how my blog came to be. I’m so glad I did, because my blog has grown so much over the years; and I’ve connected with so many amazing women. 

Q: What can we look forward to on your blog?

A: All things me. From being a creative entrepreneur, while raising two kids... Just my overall journey in life, love, home, style. I’m very transparent through my blog. The real, raw, true and inspiration. 

Q: Any advice and tips on self-care?

A: I believe everyone should make themselves a priority in their own lives. Self-care is necessary! It’s necessary for great health in every aspect (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually). Self-care looks different to everyone. My tip would be to do what makes you feel most refreshed, and at your truest self. For instance; you may workout, read, go to get your favorite coffee alone, take a dance class, or (even as simple as) take the longest, hottest shower. Whatever self-care looks like to you, do that. 

Q: How do you personally practice self-care?

A: I stay in prayer, read my daily word and devotionals. I journal everyday to get my thoughts out on paper. I prioritize my pampering (hair, nails, etc). My thing is... you look good, you feel good. Also, I’m big on disconnecting; taking a breather from everything, like socials, and my cell phone. I use that time to be in complete and total peace. Sometimes you need to disconnect to recharge...don’t let that go over your head!

Q: What advice can you give to young mothers? 

A: There’s no blueprint to motherhood. Motherhood is hard, but it’s the greatest gift and role you’ll receive. Learn as you go, and never beat yourself up on what society “thinks” motherhood should look like. Be the best you, so you can be the best mom to your children. Also, connect with some other mothers. They get you, they feel you. It’s great to have a circle that understands what you’re going through when motherhood gets tough. 

Q: What is your favorite thing to do? 

A: Shop at Target! Shoot. I don’t even have to shop, I can just walk around in Target and I’ll be happy. Everyone who knows me, knows I will find any-and-every reason to go to Target. That place is just a little slice of heaven on earth. 

Q: What advice can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs? 

A: Always stay true to self and your vision, know your why, be confident, stay consistent, do work that you care about wholeheartedly, always take the risk, learn from your mistakes, know that it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it (your future self will thank you), put in the work and never try to cut corners, write (literally) everything down, build a solid team. HUSTLE like your life depends on it, because it (literally) does!

Q: What inspires you and/or your work?

A: Wow... so many things inspire me. My vision and purpose inspire me. I have this crazy big vision of just creating beautiful things... feel good things that make people feel good. From creating beautiful arrangements, all the way to encouraging someone out of a hard situation through my words or outlets. Some other things that inspire me are, watching women grow their brands... other creatives doing what they absolutely love inspire me. Women empowerment inspires me. Black culture inspires me. Nature and art inspire me. 

Q: Where can we find your creations?

A: You can check out all of my work, portfolio and blog posts on my site, You can also find me and my work on Instagram @samanthaagordon_. 


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