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Unlock Your Full Potential. Raven Magwood has the Tools!

Whether speaking to "kindergarteners, CEOs, college students, women, men, athletes, pastors, teachers, or parents," the overall message is basically the same. Motivational Speaker, Raven Magwood wants her audience to walk away with the mindset to do better and be better. Talking at an audience is one thing, but providing them with the tools to "unlock their full potential;" that's priceless!

Women, in particular, wear many hats "innately," as Raven says. Her new book, The 7 Practices of Prosperous Women "gives practical advice on how to unlock your full potential while dealing with the real issues of everyday life."

Women of color, specifically, endure a number of struggles that society is privy to experience. Raven refers to our culture as the "double minority;" we have double the issues of the majority. Navigating life as a double minority means facing adversity at every turn. Raven equips us for the journey, through her book; readers can uncover the secret to facing adversity "with a positive attitude and subsequently create a plan that will allow you to accomplish your biggest dreams and goals."

Q. What are some demands we face as women?

A. Women are mothers, wives, daughters, friends, spiritual leaders, business owners, mentors, and much more. In addition to wearing so many hats, we are expected to look good while doing it all! As natural nurturers, we are often expected to take care of everyone else and, in return, we neglect ourselves. Despite the demands that we face in each of our lives, we have to be intentional about taking caring of ourselves and living out the purpose that God has placed on our lives.

Q. What is your definition of "success?"

A. Success is doing the most with what you have, where you are. We should never compare ourselves with others. Instead, we should ask ourselves if we are truly living out our potential. If we are only doing half of what we are capable of, we are not pushing the limits of what success really is.

Q. Why is it important that we actively practice, and are consistently putting forth effort towards our success?

A. God put all of us here to do great things. It is important that we are consistently doing everything we can to reach our full potential so that we can experience the fullness of life. Deep down, everyone wants to do amazing things. No one wakes up and says, "I want to barely get by, today." But we have to intentionally do things each day that will keep us on the path to success.

Q. Give us a teaser... what's one of your favorite practices that you suggest in the book?

A. I'm not sure that I have a "favorite" practice. They all work together to get us where we want to be. However, I do enjoy incorporating Practice #3 in my everyday life. The third practice is "Recognize Your True Strength." Basically, we have to realize how powerful our minds are and do our best to maintain positive thoughts. Every single day, a negative situation will arise; however, I choose to look at it in the most positive way so that I can maintain a mindset that will allow me to recognize all of God's blessings and opportunities for further prosperity.

Q. What led you to authoring four books as a motivational speaker, and this one in particular?

A. I began writing books on "accident". When I was 11 years old, someone told me to write down my experiences as a national gymnastics champion and a student who had skipped two grades at the time. As I began writing, I realized I could help other people by not only showing them my successes, but my setbacks as well. I began writing about the three surgeries that sidelined me from the sport that I loved, as well as the knee disease that caused me pain each and every day. I also wrote about how I experienced negativity from people who told me that I would never be successful. Before I knew it, I had published my first book, On to Victory! The Winning Edge. Shortly after the book was published, I was invited to give a keynote speech for Stedman Graham. From that point, I have been publishing books and speaking all around the country. As I got older, I would receive questions from women about how to balance it all. I then reflected on my life and the lives of other successful women and came up with The 7 Practices of Prosperous Women. My goal is to inspire as many women as possible to live their best lives and become the best versions of themselves.

Q. What's the motivational message for women of color for 2020?

A. Don't let anything hold you back! Take the time to evaluate your life and get rid of negative people and situations that are trying to keep you from getting to where you need to be. Let's go into 2020 with 20/20. Let's have clear vision about what we want and who we are. And let's get rid of anything that doesn't line up!

For more information on Raven Magwood and to purchase The 7 Practices of Prosperous Women, visit!

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