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Empowering the “New Now Womxn” via the Zen & Boujee Self Love Goddess Box

Healing after experiencing domestic violence and developing a passion for leading “womxn” to learn to live from a place of love and to manifest their dreams — Shia has created the Zen and Boujee Self Love Goddess Box that will lead subscribers on a journey of exploration to find and connect with their inner selves.

Define “new now womxn” for those who are not familiar with your platform

As I developed Zen & Boujee, I realized it wasn’t just another business venture for me or the communities I wanted to grow with. We’re leaving a “they,” “them,” and “other” era and heading into a “we” “us” and “our” era. We have the opportunity for an entirely new narrative as woke multi-cultural “womxn” that profoundly recognize BIPOC leadership and wide-reaching empathy within commerce inclusive of multi-cultural womxn. A “New Now Womxn” lives her life with an open heart from a place of love and compassion. She rarely sits still because life has too much to offer to waste another minute. A “New Now Womxn” reads product labels to make sure the ingredients are pure and safe. She wants to know what she is putting on her skin and in her body — she deserves transparency and she knows it. A ”New Now Womxn” also understands the power of giving back. She helps others in her community reach their own potential and learn to love themselves.

What was the spark that inspired the Zen & Boujee Self Love Goddess Box?

In 2017, my passions of plants and yoga led me to a retreat in Nicaragua. While meditating in the serenity of this retreat I opened up my heart and realized that when you fully and truly love yourself, your actions become intentional and purposeful and this can include your beauty regime. It was at this moment, Zen & Boujee was born and the Zen & Boujee Self Love Goddess Box was conceptually created.

What is the desired feeling sought for each subscriber of the Zen & Boujee Self Love Goddess Box?

I hope the Zen and Boujee Self Love Goddess Box leads subscribers on a journey of exploration to find and connect with their inner selves. The Zen & Boujee Goddess Box was actually created to explore the 12 threads that make a woman complete. Self-love, manifestation, and intuition just to name a few. We are excited to take this ride with our subscribers as they strive to reach their destiny and full potential. We are especially excited to feature BIPOC brands and products with a portion of the proceeds going to charitable organizations as our business model is deeply invested in equity.

How do you define Self Love?

Self-love is the spiritual, mental, and emotional union of the person you see in the mirror and the real you that resides inside. The action of self-love is the commitment to show up for yourself with love, forgiveness, and grace.

Do you feel that the climate of today affected the ability of women of color to confuse Self Care with being Selfish?

Being a woman of color, mother, and business owner, I used to have extreme guilt and feelings of selfishness. As I have navigated the lanes of life as a mom and owning who I am, I believe self-care is the only way to obtain total life prosperity. Putting yourself first and allowing yourself to just be is crucial. In the days of COVID, it’s equally important to take care of your inner health. My philosophy is to show your insides just as much self-care and love your show your outside.

How important is being able to fully engage your power to manifest your dreams and goals?

To manifest your dreams, you first must understand that you are the infinite source for all things. You possess everything you need to accomplish any dream or goal you may have. The world is just waiting for you to activate it. Visualize what you desire and speak it into existence. Become action-based and complete small tasks that will lead to your ultimate victory. Keep a journal of your accomplishments and celebrate every win along the way.

About Shia -

Shia Joyner’s pursuit of empowering the “new now womxn” after experiencing domestic violence and living from a place of love has guided her through every incarnation of her career as an RYT, Medical Esthetician, Reiki Healer, and Culture Consultant. Shia is an entrepreneur with a passion for coaching “womxn” to manifest their dreams by sharing simple and gentle ways that inspire them to love, heal, and nurture their body by being fully engaged in the power they embody. A fierce advocate of accessible wellness, Shia is also committed to giving back to her community by helping women in underserved areas overcome mental illness and support the needs of domestic violence survivors.

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