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A Pivotal Journey: 90 Days to Your Better Self

It's 2021. How many times have you heard the phrase, "New Year, New You" this far? Countless, right? This year, we ditching the thought that we have to create a "new" version of ourselves to replace the old, as if anyrhing was wrong with her. This year, we're activating our best selves; and Author, Sylviette McGill, has the tools for us to do so. McGill is a Liberty University Graduate, and her first book, "90 Days to Your Better Self" is her effort to challenge us to "defy the odds of a COVID-19-stricken society to emerge stronger after the pandemic." In a Q&A with the Author, we find the reason behind why she suggests we "spend time with ourselves like never before, and reflect on the negative and positive parts of ourselves that can ultimately help us become the better version of ourselves."

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. Raeford, North Carolina

Q. How was it growing up with your parents?

A. My parents had me, and then my mother married and had four more children. My father had four children in another marriage as well, but I wasn't raised with him. My upbriging, from a single-parent cosmetologist, is part of what helped me to create "90 Days to Your Better Self." My humble beginnings didn't stop me from pursuing my goals and dreams. My mother, raising us all by herself after the divorce, taught me to always rise to the challenge no matter what. My experiences of growing and evolving have helped me get closer and closer to my purpose and strive to become a better me in every phase.

Q. What was your vision?

A. My vision for creating the book was to have something that allowed people to focus on themselves and figure out progress as it related to what they want in life. People spend so much time engaged in other people's lives and other things, that they seldom take the same energy and time to figure themselves out. Like, really get to the core of themselves. I am in my 50s; and some of the steps that I have taken in my life, I couldn't figure out until I took the first step. The first leap of faith. This helps people discover what that looks like for them. Everyone who reads the book will have a different experience. Some, will discover what they needed to know in the first, 30 days; others, will need the 90 days. This book was written with the individual in mind, and helping people achieve solutions and goals for themselves. When you write, you will mentally stimulate thoughts and ideas.

Q. How long have you been creating this journal?

A. This is a compilation of a lifetime. I have had so many experiences at different stages of my life. I thought about the things I needed as tools to constantly continue to evolve and be a better me. Moving from one stage of life to another. Also, teaching children and understanding the differences of children that are well off and equipped versus those that are not instilled with the necessary tools to discover who they truly are. I created the physical book in six-to-eight months.

Q. How are you working through the Covid crisis?

A. This book was acutally handed to my publisher at the beginning of the crisis. Just imagine how it felt to put out a self-discovery book while the world was about to experience a dramatic change. Which is why I felt the book would be more relevant; to help you discover yourself, even during these times. You may actually discover your answers would be very different from the beginning of the pandemic versus where you are now.

Q. Did you go to college?

A. Yes, I attended Liberty University. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Business, and Master's Degree in Teaching and learning. I'm currently pursuing my P.H.D.

Q. Do You feel there is a difference between Men vs. Women discovering themselves? Is this book for women and men?

A. Yes; this book is for women and men, and even teenagers. Generally speaking, I do believe it takes, perhaps, a less amount of time for a man to discover themselves. They are built more horizonal. With women, our bodies are changing with babies and hormones, so we may discover we are completely different people at different times.

Q. What is the most important thing to you right now?

A. Living. Not just the monotony of life and being physically present, but really being mentally present and locked in. To truly live a fulfilled life on purpose.

Q. What do you want someone to feel after their 90 days completing your book?

A. I want them to feel like they are moving forward in progress. I also want them to feel better about themselves. I want them to be able to write down their goals based on who they truly are, and be able to complete them and see purpose from my book. This is a great book for singles, and also for couples to discover who they are as a team and reconnect in their relationships. It helps them to better mend and heal what is going on. It is also for the ever-evolving teenager. At that age period, it is sometimes hard to let people in or figure out what your really want. The book will help them navigate through this pivotal time in their lives.

Q. Do you have any advice for anyone trying to create a self-help book?

A. Make sure whatever your self-help book is, it reflects who you are and your personal testimony. "Until you have experienced something, it's hard for you to explain what that experience looks and feels like." Really do some soul searching, and discover what connects to your truth.

Q. Any plans for future books?

A. I am currently in the process of writing "Poems from the Heart," which will be about 25 written poems, paired with additional poems and an interactive experience of what mental space I was in when I created them.

Q. Do you have any last words for our readers?

A. I really want to just encourage and challenge everyone to be their better selves. I know it has become hard to connect due to the current times; however, you should use this time to really discover yourself and who you are. Whether you are single or married; do the work on yourself, so that you don't place the burden on your partner to do it for you.

About the Author Sylviette Delphine McGill—B.S., M.Ed., TEFL/TESOL— is an American editor, writer, teacher, and author who resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, Michael, as well as their two adult children and six adorable grandchildren. She loves world travel, and her passionate hobbies include gardening, photography, reading, and entertaining to name a few. Traveling the United States and abroad is one of her favorite passions, because of the wealth of learning, and experiencing a variety of cultures. After about twenty years in publishing, McGill decided to change careers and went on to pursue her M.Ed., teaching and learning. She has a love for both. She worked with individuals for more than seven years assisting them in breaking barriers in learning, processing, and applying. Teaching herself how to learn as a young child has been instrumental in her success. Sharing an array of experiences has complimented her success in teaching high school students and earned her a Teacher of the Month Award. McGill has been involved in community support and served in various capacities to help her community thrive. She has nearly two decades of publishing experience and has been awarded trophies for Soft Feature Reporting in Print and Editing in Print. McGill was also honored in Who’s Who of American Women, Marquis Who’s Who Publication, 2000–2001 Edition. Order your copy today at, Google play, iTunes, Kindle and/or

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