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Black Author, Tinita Tennant, Creates Children's Books with Images Children of Color Can Relate To

Originally written for her own children to have book characters they could relate to and actually looked like; Blogger, Podcaster and Children's Book Author Tinita Tennant hoped to also deliver a message from her heart to theirs in "Dear Son," and "Dear Daughter."

Written as a poem, her first children's books "Dear Son," and "Dear Daughter" are poetic affirmations. "I wanted to encourage confidence and profess the greatness I know is inside of them [her children]," says Tennant. It was while writing the copy that she realized the messaging was important for all "black" and "brown" boys and girls, not just her own children; as the text states "Your shade of brown from your head to your feet, you were created special and so amazing." It is her hope to instill pride in children of color; being proud of who they are, the color of their skin and who they dream to become.

Both books are currently available on, and according to Tennant, "perfect for bedtime reading routine."

For more information on "Dear Son," and "Dear Daughter," visit or @tinitatennant on Instagram.


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