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Can Hypnosis Build Generational Wealth for Black Families?

Were you ever curious to try hypnosis? I know we have all had our share of laughs when watching people do silly things while in a state of trans. What if I told you hypnosis could possibly lift generational curses, and create important change for the Black Community? Would you be interested? In a one-on-one, Dr. Maisha Claiborne discussed creating a better future for the generations to come.

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I mostly grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. I was born in Tucson, Arizona.

Q. Where did you go to school? What was your field of study? Degrees?

A. I did my undergrad at Emory University in Atlanta. I have my Bachelors in Psychology from there, and I attained my MD at Morehouse School of Medicine. I also did my residency in Family Medicine at the Florida Hospital in Orlando, Florida. After residency, I specialized integrative (holistic medicine), and I owned my own practice for 10 years before I sold it to pursue what I am currently doing as a coach, and trainer. I am also a Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis, and I run trainings and certifications in those disciplines as well. Additionally, I currently practice hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) with private clients.

Q. What is your opinion on the wealth gap in America? How was it created?

A. Well, the fact is that White people have eight times the wealth of Black people. This has been dated since 1920. We live in a culture of white supremacy; and the system, frankly is not set up for us to build wealth. I don't believe it's neccesarily a lack of Black people trying, but a lack of opportunity. Think about all of the political things that have happened as well; government policies that promoted red-lining to keep blacks from homeownership, and the destruction of Black Wallstreet... the massacres in Tulsa and Wilmington. Historically, there are catalistic events that have occured anytime Black people have tried to build wealth for themselves in America. Anytime we have attempted to build wealth, it has been torn down or laws have been created to systematically opress us and prevent the culture from rising. But, we have continued to be resilient and rise.

Q. How do you think white people contribute to that gap?

A. As I expressed, definitely, laws are set up to benefit and protect the white communities. It seems as though we are starting to, now, see a mindset shift since the murder of George Floyd; however, for years now, White people have either been complacent or silent in contribution to that gap.

Q. How do you think black people contribute to that gap?

A. A lot of us have done so not knowing… unconsciously. Some of it is a lack of education on how to generate wealth. Take me for instance; I wasn't raised in a home where parents taught me how to acquire wealth, because my mom didn't know herself. When you are not taught these things, you don't really know to teach them or learn them. Also, we as Black people are not great at investing in ourselves…. in black businesses. Because, as I mentioned earlier, we are born into this system of White supremacy that devalues us; we unconsciously inherit these values that are not our own and do the same. This unconscious messaging is so strong (internally and externally), that it creates unconscious biases in our own community. For instance, if a Black person has a bad experience in a Black business, we have this mindset, "that's why I don't buy black businesses;" but in a White store, they will "talk to a manager," and give feedback. Why can’t we give grace to our black businesses the way we do to white ones, and give them a chance to learn and grow? Now, as black business owners, we also need to be able to take feedback a bit better as well. We can be defensive, because unconsciously we feel threatened. As well, we as Black business owners, have to make sure that our businesses are as excellent as our white counterparts (not saying they aren’t; just saying we need to do that to compete). Finally, another way we contribute to our own wealth gap is by not believing in ourselves. We don’t realize how powerful we truly are. Some of the greatest scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, creators are black people. But, I think it's a combination of the white-supremacist culture that we’ve been brought up in, and the internalized racism we experienced, that distorts our belief in ourselves or our communities. It's mind-boggling, because we are the most resilient culture there is. Think about everything we have been through to still be here. That’s exactly why the work has to be done in the unconscious mind.. to eliminate the unconscious trauma, and unconscious beliefs that have been instilled in us over the generations.

Q. How do you believe it could be resolved?

A. There are a combination of things.

We have to recognise WHO we truly are (our power), and deal with the generational trauma that is impacting us in the present. We need to let go of old, stuck, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and decisions that we’ve made about ourselves, our people, the community, and the world. We need to overcome old anger, fear, hurt and guilt, and install new empowering beliefs and behaviors at the unconscious level to see new results. This is where NLP and hypnotherapy come in.

Q. What is Hypnosis?

A. A state of deep focus, concentration, and relaxation that allows for reprogramming at the unconscious level. You can reprogram bad habits, and reprogram your mind to believe in better thoughts that serve you.

Q. What is NLP (neurolinguistic programming)?

A. NLP uses the power of language (verbal and non-verbal) to connect with the unconscious mind, and essentially reprogram negative thoughts, habits, beliefs, actions; and therefore, the results you produce in your life. Hypnosis and NLP can be used separately, but they are more powerful together. With these tools, you are essentially remapping your mind for greater internal freedom and success.

Q. How do we dispell Myths About Hypnosis?

A. There are so many myths about hypnosis. People think it's mind control, it's not. There are no tea cups and no "sunken place." We can not make you do anything you wouldn't ordinarily do or want to do. We don't incept people. It’s not like that

Most of the hypnosis you see on TV or in shows is stage hypnosis for entertainment, where people are jumping around, barking like a dog, etc.; but that is something they would ordinarily do if they had a few drinks in them.

Anyone who has watched a TV show and has not heard their name being called, is in a state of trans. Anyone who has missed an exit because they are deep in thought, is in a trans. We also do not try to "psych" you out, and take your money. We work with a board that has a code of ethics. What we do is therapy, not entertainment.

Do your research and feel the energy to see if you trust them .

Q. How do you believe Hypnosis and NLP would help?

A. It puts you in touch with all the beliefs that you don't know you have. All the values that you're not even aware were present for you. You can eliminate those negative thought patterns and beliefs that are not your own. We think that we walk around reacting to the world in the present; when in reality, we are reacting to the world in the past. These are beliefs instilled as early as childhood beliefs. When you are reacting to the past, you don't make room for the present or future. When you conquer trauma, you can then fully live in the present, and change your behavior. Your inner resources can be just as powerful as your external resources.

Q. Is this something you would be willing to offer for free?

A. I do offer a complimentary interest call or discovery call. It's a 30-minute call for people who really want to do the work to become a better them. If they want to join one of the trainings or start on one-on-one work, we figure that out over the call. The actual visit can be done in person or over the phone. After the call, we have different tiers of programs they can get involved in.

I believe Black people as a community need to change the narrative and invest in themselves. We often have a mindet of scarcity, and that needs to change. We need to learn how-to invest in ourselves and work on training and personal development. The most successful and wealthy people in the world are where they are because they chose to invest in themselves (wherever they started).

I also have a "mind remapping nation community" you can join for free. There are courses accessible, and low-cost membership if you would like to join.

Q. Why are you so sure Hypnosis and NLP work?

A. I have seen Hypnosis and NLP work for lots of people, so I know it's possible. People just have to want to do the work.

Q. What are the negatives and positives of Hypnosis and NLP?

A. No negatives. Hypnosis is not for people who are not psychologically or psychiatrically stable. Someone in acute psychosis or having a manic episode, should not be considering this as therapy. They have to be psychologically stable, and they also have to be mentally stable enough to consent to Hypnosis and NLP. If you have a background of trauma, you should consider it; however, you should make sure you are working with someone who is experienced in this area. For a person who has trauma and is aware of it, there are things to do to help them separate from the trauma.

Q. Have you tested this theory on anyone yet? If so, what were the results?

A. There are a lot of stories, but one that stands out to me is a Doctor that was struggling in relationships and his career. He was running a business and didn’t believe he was worth the fee he wanted to charge. After our sessions he signed his first high-paying client. Since then, he has seen so much more growth in his business, relationships, and with his children as well. With Hypnotherapy and NLP, he was able to build wealth and rekindle relationships. I literally saw the drastic transformation in his mindset. He is just one example. I have done this work for years with many people, so I know it can happen.

Q. Anything else you would like us to know?

A. I want to train our community in this technology of NLP. The saying of “when you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. When you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime," and I believe that. I like teaching people to fish. I don't want to just work with people, I want to train people with the tools and technology to be able to use with themselves and others, especially the Black Community. We deserve to know these tools. We deserve to heal.

Q. How may we reach out to you?

A. My websites are and Feel free to book a call right from the home page. My instagram is @drmaiysha, and Facebook is @DrMaiysha. I also have a youtube channel (, podcast called "Remap Your Mind" ( .


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