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Come get the Keys to the Summer

Who is ready to kick the summer off right? Who is ready to love, laugh, glow, and rock out with the "Queen on the Keys," Ms. Alicia Keys, on her "Keys to the Summer Tour?"

The shows are set to begin on June 28 in Fort Lauderdale and close out the summer in Los Angeles on August 2. The Grammy Award-winning singer is ready to vibe out in each city stop on her tour and pour back into her fans all the love and support she has felt during the past year. With so much excitement surrounding so many "firsts" on this tour (including the design and production of the show), Keys is sure to leave fans feeling speechless with an element and sense of togetherness. Although Alicia is known for her wholesomeness and peaceful vibes, we can guarantee that the New York native will bring the realness and rawness of her city no matter where she performs.

As fans, it's safe to say that we have all seen our favorite artist performing a few times in person or even via social media and sometimes performances can become predictable. Well, A. Keys has made sure to bring a new element to her shows stating that "I'm about to bring you these NEW VIBRATIONNNSSSS my first-ever 360 tour!!" Fans will experience the shows differently, visually and sonically as the songwriter plans for host an all-around interactive stage changing the way we hear and experience music unlike ever before. Alicia recently recorded her entire catalog in Spatial Audio, providing a multidimensional audio experience, adding space, clarity, and depth that isn't achievable with traditional stereo music. "My entire catalog being released in Spatial audio is soo sick, because we're doing it differently than anyone else." She continues, "We reimagined the entire mix to be experienced in this 360 way." With the newly rerecorded tracks, fans get a taste of what to expect musically during the tour. In the meantime, prepare by checking out her catalogy on Apple Music.

With nine studio albums under her belt, the Hal David Starlight Awardee will have no issues setting up a set list full of hit after hit. With her voice and writing credits being penned on some of the hottest tracks, we'll never know what surprises might pop up on during the tour... maybe Usher, Jay-Z, or Lucky Daye?

What are some of your favorite Alicia Keys songs and which are you looking forward to hearing? In the words of A. Keys, "Where are you pullin' up to rock with me?" Ticket sales begun April 21.


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