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Create Content in a Flash at Stay Social USA

Singer, Choreographer and Zumba Instructor, Krystina Alexis, utilizes social media to build her client base, but also to promote healthy lifestyles to those far and wide. In a social-driven world, "Content is King," and a vital aspect of thriving, new-age brand, large or small. Alexis says, "March is an important month in the beauty industry and I want to let all my Stylists, MUAs, Producers, content creators and lovers of photography friends in on a hack that will change your content creating game!!!"

With over 42k followers on instagram alone, take it from Krystina, Stay Social is the one-stop shop to make a splash in a flash. Hear her take... Have you ever heard of @staysocialusa !! @staysocialusa is a content creation venue that offers high-end self serve production sets at unbelievable prices!! 💵 Here, you'll see, just a few of the many sets they offer and some of my favorite modeling poses. I bet y’all can tell which set was my favorite!! 🙃 lmbo

What sets @staysocialusa apart from other venues is their ability to create high quality production sets, their amazing customer service, you are in control of what you create AND they are BLACK OWNED!! 🤩 I had the amazing opportunity to collab with them recently and my experience with the staff and the owner was so wonderful I had to shout them out.😍 They are located at @arundelmills Mall in Hanover, MD They only cost $20 for a 25 minute session!! 🤯 If you decide to utilize this amazing venue... ➡️1. Make sure you follow their Instagram @staysocialusa so you know what’s going on. (Store and set updates, discounts, etc.) ➡️2. Bring your photo/video devices. ➡️3. Bring multiple outfits and looks. The creative energy in that place is bananas!! They have tons of different backgrounds.

For more information on Krystina Alexis, follow @krystina_alexis on instagram!

For mand set options so you might get inspired to create something else.


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