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Dr. Keshia Avant Brown: "It's not what you call me, it's what I answer to."

"I believe you don't always have to disclose everything to everyone. I also believe

God honors your sacrifice, He knows your heart, and He still sees the purpose in your pain." ... A quote by the phenomenal Dr. Keshia Avant Brown. The young, author has recently released "It's Not What You Call Me, It's What I Answer To." The title, itself, tells you exactly why you need to read it. What Do You Answer To?

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Keshia, and discuss her latest, number-one seller on Amazon. This is what she had to say:

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. Portsmith, Virginia. We moved to Chesapeake, Virginia when I was 12.

Q. How was it growing up with your parents?

A. We lived in a low, socio-economic status part of town. It was middle class. My parents were very nurturing, and inspiring. They, definitely, made “ends meet,” and we never had wants. My mother was a Store Manager at Sears and my father was a Sheriff. My mother worked very hard to put us through a private, christian school; which, was a game changer. The things my sister and I were exposed to, just made us want more for our lives.

Q. What was your vision for creating this book?

A. My dad always reminded me it wasnt what people called me, it was about what I answered to. I remember, when I was in high school, I had a basketball game and wanted new shoes. I was wearing white, “DC” shoes, and I wanted Jordans or Air Force 1s. My dad pulled me to the side and said, "shoes don't make you, it's the person that's playing in the shoes.” After that, I played one of the best games I ever had. I received awards and MVP. It still sticks with me to this day... believing in yourself, and what God has put it you.

Q. How long have you been creating this book?

A. It's an accumulation of lessons and stories. About a year-and-a-half to put the stories together, and complete the book.

Q. How are you working through the Covid crisis?

A. Challenging at times. I obtained my doctorate in May of 2020, and I pushed through. I remember wanting to walk across the stage so bad, because this was a milestone moment for me; but we had a virtual ceremony. I had to submit final manuscript for my doctorate and revise it. Everything worked well in the end, but it was a lot of work. I had a women's conference in October, where I debuted the book. The book, officially, came out January 2021, and went to number one in new releases on Amazon; which was an exciting moment.

Q. Where did you attend college?

A. I went to Regent University, and got my Doctorate in Strategic Leadership. Prior to that, I went to Eastern Virginia Medical School, where I got my Master's Degree as a Physician's Assistant.

Q. How do you feel being a Doctor?

A. I'm still letting it all sink in. I'm currently pregnant with my baby girl, and three weeks to go; so I'm focusing on that right now. After I have my girl, I will figure out, specifically, what I will do as far as Healthcare Leadership and advancing my calling in that lane.

Q. Is this book for women and men?

A. It's definitely tailored more towards women, because it's based on my experiences.

Q. What is the most important thing to you right now?

A. Family and happiness. Health.

Q. What do you want someone to feel after reading your book?

A. Empowered, inspired, and affirmed about their purpose, and the fact that God still wants to use them in spite of. I want them to release the baggage of everyone else, and everything that wants them to be something they are not. It's really about being who God called you to be, and what you answer to.

Q. Do you have any advice for anyone trying to create a self-help book?

A. Put your pen to the paper. Of course, you will have a lot of thoughts and memories; so there may be a challenge of figuring out the direction. However, just write and see where that takes you. Writing is a stage a lot of people get defeated by. As you write, the chapters will reveal themselves. After that, you can see your network to figure out publishing, layout and everthing after. The first step is to write. Put all of your visions down.

Q. What is the most important lesson in life that you have learned?

A. Be humble and appreciate the small things. Also, your character matters in everything you do. It is what will carry you on your path.

Q. Any plans for future books?

A. This book is stand alone book; but, yes, there will be future books for sure.

Q. Do you have any last words for our readers?

A. Break down titles that other people have given you, and focus on being defined by the titles that God gives us. Focus on "break-through thinking." Once you let go of the baggage, you can step into the fullness that God has for you.

Q. Where can we follow?

Instagram @drkesh.

Facebook: Keshia Brown.

You can purchase my book on or my website


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