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I'm The Child of a Celebrity, of course.

Entering adulthood is a difficult and challenging transition that we all go through. It can be awkward and stressful, especially when dealing with issues like education, career choices, and other life challenges. These challenges can be intensified when you grow up in the public eye. The world can be harsh, judgmental, and tiring, but it's up to us to create our own happiness and eliminate negative influences.

Imani Aaliyah is a singer, songwriter, actress, and podcaster who is making waves with her infectious smile and unique personality. Although having famous parents like comedian and actor Flex Alexander and singer-songwriter Shanice may come with certain advantages, it can also pose challenges when trying to establish oneself in the industry.

I recently spoke with Imani about how she came to love music, why her family is so important to her, and the misconceptions she faces as a young adult who has grown up in the industry.

Imani's new single, Crazy 4U, is on all streaming platforms. Let us know if you would love to see Imani record a single with her mom, Shanice, and if you would like to see her and her dad Flex their acting chops (Pun intended, lol)

Check out our full interview on YouTube!!! Let's run it up, Women for the Culture!


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