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In a civilian world, you would think...

...more people will be Civil.

Most people are tolerating each other rather than appreciating, collaborating and intentionally living. You're probably wondering, who is she to say that. She is a woman of faith and an empath by default. The world has dealt with me based on these two components of my existence.

Get to know me...

Olachi H. Morrel is a published author of 'Entrepreneur Hack: What it Takes to start small to reach your Big Goals. She is a millennial wife to a nobleman, media creative, intentional speaker, and Faithpreneur. Some of the leadership roles that she has held are as a US Army Reserves personnel, within the African Diaspora community in Arizona, as a Youth mentorship Advocate, Adolescent Skills acquisition/Start-Up mentor in Nigeria, West Africa.

Morrel also owns an apparel brand that funds the youth mentorship program in partnership with Audacity of Grace women & youth foundation (her mother’s NGO in Nigeria).

With the fearless attitude garnered from her personal testimony of faith, resilience, and transparency; she seeks to make an impact through social media & other creative outlets.

Community building through charity projects, youth mentorship, mental health advocacy & entrepreneurship are at the focal point of her Influence, as she journeys in purpose fulfilling all that God has called her to be.

These are what makes Olachi a woman for the culture; having experienced & embraced the best of her African culture, returning to the US after 14 years of living in Nigeria, West Africa. All of which has shaped her passion for serving Humanity. She hopes to take you along this journey through a transparent, relatable style of written expression.

Hey there,

Hope you liked that little shpill about me and hopefully, we would get to know each other better as time goes on. For me, writing has been my thinnnng. It was the first skill that I really tapped into at age 7/8. It even got me into trouble as a kid...haha but look at God.

What can I say.

It's crazy to think of how life comes full circle after all and PURPOSE STICKS. It truly does. Let's be Kind to ourselves and one another. Let's be civil but beyond that be serving.

Photog: Yesi Fortuna,

Be You

Olachi H.Morrel

Media Creative ||@Lachy.Tv


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