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Kakes Contours... Beauty, Style, and Conversation!

They say that every industry is oversaturated, but they don't have someone like you who can market, attract clients, and have the same unique techniques and qualifications.

Mikale Sampson, the owner of Kakes Contours, is making waves in the beauty industry by creating a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. She is building an unprecedented empire in the industry. The KC brand offers a world where beauty is celebrated, style is elevated, and conversations are unfiltered. In a world where having multiple streams of income has become almost necessary, Mikale has done an excellent job of showcasing her talents by creating Kakes Contour, Kakes Kranuims, Tha Nitty Gritty Podcast, and Kakes Events.

Who doesn't love a one-stop shop, right? Mikale recently had a conversation with #W4TC where she shared her thoughts on the significance of being yourself in any career field, the benefits of having multiple sources of income, and the inspiration behind her desire to empower women and boost their self-confidence.  



How important is it to have multiple streams of income?

In these unpredictable times, I feel stability and security must have multiple sources of income. Don't put all your eggs in one basket solely relying on one source.

Mikale, you're in the business of making women feel good about themselves,

where does that passion derive from?

Growing up, being bullied made me take pride in my looks and build up my

self-esteem, which ultimately led to me wanting to assist others with their self-esteem and looks. I love being a stepping stone in self-care, self-love, and mental rebuilding.

Mikale, you seem to be the ultimate hustler, and I mean that in a good way

because wherever your desires lead you, you find a way to make it happen. Was

that boss mentality learned over time, or did you have a strong woman figure who inspired you?

I learned how to be a self-made boss over time. A lot of trials,

tribulations, and aspirations that all keep paying off in the long run. As long as I'm

alive, I will continue to make money by following my passions and remaining

consistent with my god-given craft and anything I set my mind to.

The World of Kakes is an empire, and under that umbrella, you own Kakes

Contour, which is "redefining industry standards. "We as women can be highly

criticized about our appearance, and sometimes you're damned if you do and

damned if you don't, so how do you feel about the world, especially men always

having an opinion on whether we decide to make changes to our bodies.

As a woman or man, I feel like doing what makes YOU happy. You must wake up

in your skin, look in your mirror at yourself every day, and sleep every

night. Be the most beautiful you inside and out. It's not mandatory to change your

physical appearance, but if you can afford it and you want it, then hell, WHY

NOT? People are going to talk about whether you're in shape or obese. Live your life for you!

You are not only a beauty expert but also stepping into the arena of podcasting with your new podcast, "THA Nitty Gritty Podcast." What can listeners expect from your show?

Listeners can expect to be entertained, informed, and even inspired by my

upcoming episodes as we get into Tha Nitty Gritty of our favorite local and

famous influencers in everyday society.

What inspired you to want to start a podcast?

I get inspired to do my podcast constantly because I want to provide a

platform for creative expression for others and myself. I'm always inspired to

share my knowledge, expertise, and experience with others who can relate or


What are some lessons you've learned along the way while starting up your

own businesses?

The lesson I have learned while starting my business is to have all my ducks in a row

, or in other words, make sure all the paperwork and policies are in place for ALL of

your clients.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to a young woman looking to enter

the beauty industry?

Get all the credentials you need in your state first, do your research, and go for it


A while ago, there was a trending sound on social media where it said

something to the effect of "the world might say that your industry is over-

saturated, but baby, they don't have you." Mikale, did you ever have self-doubt or

had people doubt you, and if so, how did you overcome that?

In the beginning, I was discouraged when I learned how many others

were in the same industry as me, but as time passed, I realized all of our crafts

and techniques were different. Who I am and what I bring to the table draw the

audience in and clientele in. To overcome that, I had to keep being ME

unapologetically; my advice was to BE YOU!

What's next for the world of beauty, style, and conversation?

You can expect to see continuous new products, services, & technology from

Kakes Contours. Tha Nitty Gritty Podcast is bringing more diversity &

stereotypical conversations with social media shaping trends in the beauty



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