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Lit Lobby by DTLR: Celebrating Sukihana and Afro B's Hit Single "Casamigos"

In a dazzling display of music, celebration, and artistic excellence, The Lit Lobby by DTLR at the Aloft Hotel in Arundel Mills recently became the epicenter of excitement and style. The event, which was held to honor the chart-topping single "Casamigos" by Sukihana and Afro B, left guests in awe as they witnessed the magic unfold.

Sponsored by Casamigos, the renowned tequila brand, the event was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation within the music industry. The organizers pulled out all the stops to create an immersive experience for attendees. The custom menu, specifically curated to reflect the essence of the artists, tantalized the taste buds of everyone present.

As a guest correspondent, I had the distinct pleasure of immersing myself in the atmosphere, capturing the energy of the night, and speaking with a diverse array of individuals who had played pivotal roles in the creation and promotion of "Casamigos."

My first interview was with Sukihana herself, as she gave me hot details on her new music coming soon as well as some bedroom tips. Watch my chat with Sukihana here! Then, I connected with Afro B, a London-based artist known for his mastery of the afrobeats genre. With admiration in his eyes, Afro B described his experience collaborating with Sukihana, hailing her as a dedicated workaholic. Their partnership and relentless grind were evident in the success of their single, propelling them both toward greater heights in the industry.

Next, I had the opportunity to sit down with DJ Flo from 92.3, who explained the significance of "Casamigos" as an afrobeats track and its appeal in the market. DJ Flo told Women For The Culture "I like the content of it, of course, dealing with a Casamigos. It's something that everyone's drinking right now so people can relate to that. Also, its afrobeats which is taking over the world." He emphasized how integrating a popular trending drink elevated the song's party anthem status, making it an instant hit for club scenes.

Continuing my journey through the event, I connected with DJ Quicksilva from 93.9 WKYS, one of the first DJs to spin the record in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) market. DJ Quicksilva expressed his excitement about supporting Sukihana, praising her authenticity, work ethic, and undeniable hustle. He stated, "She's authentically herself and unapologetic. A lot of artist come out and try to gravitate towards what's popular. She's not like that." Watch my exclusive with DJ Quicksilva here!

Speaking with the marketing manager from DTLR, Alex Dugger who orchestrated the entire event, I gained valuable insights into the meticulous planning required to create a truly exceptional gathering. From securing sponsorships to coordinating the intricate details, her dedication was evident in every aspect of the event. Alex gave us the the 411 on what DTLR does for women in the culture stating that, "What it really brings for the culture is the fact that moms or females are the top shoppers at our store,"..."We bring a sense of normalcy and actually a lot of our managers are females, that's something a lot of people don't know."

One of the highlights of the evening was meeting Fadam Got Da Juice, the birthday boy, interviewer, and official record breaker from DTLR radio. Fadam shared how he received the call to break the record and how the event had been organized as a celebration of his birthday. Through his connections and strategic vision, he ensured the song became a sensation in the DMV market. Meet DTLR Marketing manager, Alex Dugger here!

Lastly, I had the pleasure of engaging with Pinky Tha Rapper, an artist who dropped insightful wisdom for aspiring musicians. Pinky emphasized the importance of authenticity and seizing opportunities like The Lit Lobby to make meaningful connections and elevate one's music career. Learn more about Pinky Tha Rapper here!

In conclusion, The Lit Lobby by DTLR at the Aloft Hotel in Arundel Mills was an unforgettable event that brought together talent, industry influencers, and music lovers alike. The celebration of Sukihana and Afro B's hit single "Casamigos" showcased the power of collaboration and innovation in today's music scene. From the curated menu to the pulsating beats, the event was an immersive experience that will be etched in the memories of all who attended. As a guest correspondent, I was fortunate to witness the magic firsthand and engage with the brilliant minds who made it all possible.

Written by: @skylarmystique @oasisbranding


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