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Looking For Something New to Do With Bae for a “Date Night In?” Say Less.

CropSwap is a global marketplace for local produce. In real time, you can get food from the farm to your home. Lauren, from Golden State Papayas’, has partnered with them to create an amazing Pantry Box, Breakfast Box and Caramel Apples Box; all of which, are exclusive to the CropSwap app. Let me tell you how phenomenal, and ground breaking this is. I made a pizza, using all organic ingredients, in the comfort of my home. It was delicious!

I will start with delivery. Everything arrived in a brown box on my door step the exact time it was supposed to arrive. When I opened the box, I could smell the arroma of fresh mushrooms and pesto sauce. I took my time, and checked all of my ingredients out. There were mushrooms, apples, lettuce, pears, goat cheese, vegan pesto sauce, and pizza dough... all fresh. The vegan, pesto sauce was unique in herbs and seeds, and smelled like no pesto sauce I have ever had. I sat all of my ingredients out and prepared for my zoom call. The zoom call would have Martina, the Chef, who would tell us step-by-step, how-to prepare and cook everything. There would also be other people on the call for "group support."

The zoom call was set up like a culinary class. We, the students, watched in awe as Martina showed us the ingredients and how she would prepare them. We sprinkled a dash-of salt here-and-there, and followed her step-by-step. Since it was in the comfort of our own homes and "no one was looking," there was no right-or-wrong way to get it done. There was absolutely, no pressure, which made the entire experience magical. There were several times, throughout the zoom call, where Martina would stop and answer any question you have. She was polite, and she even had a cute accent.

This would be the perfect experience for a date night, especially during this quarantining period. You get the luxury of wining and dining your significant other in the comfort of your place. Also, just the experience of tasting farm-fresh ingredients. I absolutely noticed the taste was different than any pizza I have ever bought in a restaurant or grocery store. The flavors danced together in my mouth. Another huge plus for me was the goat cheese. I am usually lactose intolerant with store bought cheeses; however, because there were no additives or preservatives in the cheese, I had no discomfort at all.

Check out the CropSwap app and Golden State Papayas to have your date night delivered!


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