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Meet Diemend Richardson Online Health Fitness Coach Who Can Transform Your Body In Less Than 90 Days

It’s time to burn that fat, snatch that waist and grow that booty! When you start to do things for your health, for your body, you walk with confidence, you walk with joy!

Do something for your heath and fitness today! Get moving! Achieving the body of your dreams should not drain your happiness, and it will have less of a chance of doing that with the 90-Day Transformation Guide with Coach Richardson.

The journey started for her during her freshmen year of college while she was playing D1 volleyball at Grambling State University. At the time she was 145lbs of lean muscle.

She thought because she was an athlete and that she was playing in games, practicing, conditioning and weight lifting that she could eat and snack on whatever she wanted, but boy was she mistaken. That famous ‘freshman 15’ hit her like a ton of bricks! She was then weighing about 160lbs.

“My junior year, I took a good look at myself in the mirror & didn’t even recognize who I was anymore,” Richardson said.

She then took it upon herself to start her journey of educating herself on the importance of nutrition and how to properly fuel her body to work for her and not against her. She was able to get back down to 150lb where she felt a lot more comfortable and definitely a lot healthier.

Now here we are, her senior year, about two weeks before her college graduation, she played in a game of flag football, got tackled the wrong way and you wouldn’t guess what happened next!

After that tackle, she tried standing, she tried to tough it out, but something just wasn't right. She was in excruciating pain, so much to where she could not even walk on her leg. She soon went to visit her doctor, after a few tests, she waited in the examination room and the doc came in and said “Diemend, I have some bad news…you fully tore your left ACL and you’re going to need surgery.”

“At that moment my life seemed to be spiraling out of control,” she said.

Richardson’s immediate question was “How long will it take to fully recover?” He told her it would take 6-9 months, which meant her life full of training, physical activity and coaching would be coming to an immediate stop.

“At that moment I HIT ROCK BOTTOM, I threw all my knowledge about fitness & nutrition out the window, and basically gave up on myself. I let my situation, circumstances, & excuses dictate my actions & lifestyle...During this time I gained 20lb,” she said.

She did not let that get her and keep her down for long though. Through trial and error, practicing patience and having an amazing support system, she eventually used that adversity to her advantage.

After four months she realized she was tired of not being happy! She realized she was throwing herself a pity party. She realized she had adopted a victim mentality!

“Throughout this journey I discovered that you can have all of the nutrition and fitness knowledge in the world, but it is pointless if your mind isn’t in the right space," she explained. "Your mind is your foundation!"

Many may say, yea, well, that is easier said than done! Yes, getting there and maintaining it will require some sacrifices that you’re not use to (replacing your bad habits with better habits), but nothing that’s worth having comes easy right?

Whether you want to lose weight, eat a healthier diet or grow your mindset you have to be committed to making investments and sacrifices for what you really desire.

Richardson is a coach who wants to help you invest in a healthier lifestyle. So she let us in on some tea.

During my transformation journey, there are TWO MAJOR THINGS I wish I would’ve been taught from the very beginning…



Most people think in order to have a transformation, you have to completely change your diet...but that’s not always the truth.

If you find a formula that works for you, you wont have to change your diet around as much as you think.

THE REAL PROBLEM IS there are very few health and fitness coaches who I HAVE A PROVEN FORMULA...

I had to figure out THIS SECRET FORMULA on my own through trial and error (which is exactly what I don’t want you to have to go through!)

I remember following a ton of nutrition pages but I couldn’t put all of the pieces of the puzzle together by myself...


What stood in my way for the longest time was I felt like it was too complicated to learn about: 🎯 Which foods I should eat or shouldn’t eat? 🎯 How to stop over eating or eating out of emotion? 🎯 How to meal prep with consistency?

With guidance from Richardson, you will be able to learn more about this and much more! She makes sure that both her and her clients are focused on progression and not perfection.

She said the # 1 mistake she see's many people make is that they just set one goal, accomplish it, call that success, and then go back to their bad habits.

Here’s how you should do it: 1️⃣ SET A GOAL 2️⃣ DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to reach that goal. 3️⃣ AFTER you reach that goal, then you set a new goal! 4️⃣ REPEAT from step 1!

Now, lets get into some of the good ol' physical stuff!

Want a peek of what you'll be getting into with the 90 Day Transformation? Check these out:

Give this beach workout a try. Can be done literally anywhere. Perform 4 rounds 30-45 second each exercise 🏖 Spider Push Ups 🏖 Banded Duck Walks 🏖 Lateral Banded Push Ups 🏖 Banded Lateral Squat Kickbacks 🏖 Bear Stance Swing Through

You only get one body. You only get one life. Its not too late to make sure that your health is your TOP priority!

Apply For The 90-Day Lifestyle Transformation Program By Clicking This Link:

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@diemendchanel "Failure is the key to success, each mistake teaches us something"


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