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Mercury Is In Gatorade....Again

So, what does it mean when Mercury is in Retrograde?

When a planet goes retrograde, it appears (to us here on Earth) to be moving in a counter-clockwise trajectory. Most likely, it's not moving backwards; just more suspended and/or moving slower for a while as we continue to move the way we do.

And, all of the planets retrograde. Not just Mercury. We hear about Mercury more often, because it goes retrograde at least three-to-four times a year. It is closest to the sun, so it makes it's way around the sun about every 14 days.

When a planet is in retrograde, it's time:

  • Reset

  • Recharge

  • Take Inventory

  • Assess

  • Pause

  • Rest

Mercury is the planet of communication. It shows us how we learn, communicate (with others and ourselves) and it has to do with technology and travel. Mercury Retrograde is not the best time to sign contracts or start any new policies or rules. It's a time to reassess what you think you know, get more mental clarity, and rest your mind to prepare to move forward.


So, now what?

We are currently in Mercury Retrograde in Taurus from 4/21 - 5/14. What does that mean?

We have to be aware of how our words come to life when we speak them. Your thoughts dictate your actions. So, if you aren't paying attention, your conversation could create the vibration that creates the life that you live. Your self-talk dictates so much of how you move and how motivated you are.

  • Write down your thoughts so you are clear on what is actually on your mind.

  • Recognize when you are thinking and speaking more negative thoughts than positive.

  • If you've felt the need to talk about a situation more than three times or with several people, take the time to sit with yourself and actually process what you are thinking and feeling so you can problem solve better.

  • Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings. They mean something.

  • Find ways to express yourself... writing, dancing, painting, creating. Your moods, thoughts, and emotions need healthy outlets.

Happy Mercury Retrograde!


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