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Virtual Conference, "Radically Royal," Delivered

I recently attended a virtual conference that was firrrreeee!!! When I saw the flyer I was already excited; but when these ladies showed up and started to share, I knew I was in for a treat.

The founder, Tasha Wilson brought dynamic ladies together to pour into the attendees, and one another. They spoke on Mental Health, Marriage and Motherhood; some things that definitely need to be discussed without judgment and barriers, and they did just that. Our emcee, Ashley Burton and moderator Samantha Vernet, were awesome. They kept the flow going, participants engaged and brought topic questions that were very much needed to be asked.

The conference started of with the topic of Mental Health. Chikeia Boykin, Natasha Peterson and Tierra Parsons gave great insight and tools to assist in being proactive with exercising our mental. The conversation started with "what are some misconceptions that need to be addressed;" such as, women of color being strong and able to get through anything. That we are indecisive; when really we are exploring our options and looking at things from a bigger picture. We were reminded that we cannot pour from an empty cup. It is hard to talk about mental health; because historically, we have always tried to be strong on our own. We figure it out rather than show signs of weakness. We have the ability to uncover hidden trauma when we talk about it. Some ways to break through these stigmas are to put action behind your prayer, go to therapy, talk to your leader (Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, etc.), and not to lose hope. Know your worth. Choose you! Do the inner work. Be honest with yourself, journal, be kind to yourself, and be ok with being perfectly imperfect.

When it comes to self care, ladies advises to push back and say "NO," set healthy boundaries, color, establish a good sleep hygiene, give yourself permission to slow down, know when to stop, and to go for an intentional walk while enjoying and appreciating nature. Now, get up, after you finish reading this article, and walk it out!

Angel Fowler, Keisha Nelson, Renee Williams and Tanisha Robinson tackled the next topic of Marriage. They dropped some wonderful nuggets for those that desire to be married, are on their way down the aisle, and those that have already jumped the broom. The common denominator in the entire segment was conversation. Don't be afraid to have the hard conversations up front. Don't be shy about discussing sex, children, careers, finances, and other goals. There are no "too soon" questions to be asked. Put it on the table up front. The engagement is the follow through to dating with a purpose. Make sure that you keep the balance of keeping your personal identity and becoming one with your spouse. Be vulnerable and let the walls down with your spouse. Be honest, and share your fears. This can be hard for us to open up, as we have always been taught to be closed (our thoughts, our voices, our hearts, our legs). We must take the time to peel back the layers. At all times, we must keep God in the center of all of our decisions. We must be in a constant cycle of forgiveness, trusting that it opens doors. We must see beyond what is in front of us, entering marriage with the mindset that it is forever. Hear your spouse, even when you do not understand or agree. Being broken together makes a beautiful piece.

This conference left me feeling full and energized. I was grateful to be among such great energy, wisdom and love. Although it was a virtual event, the connection was real!

I am truly looking forward to the next Royalty Refined event!

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