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ReRe's Not a Fella (But a Girl DJ)

The holiday season has officially begun, and besides the amazing family gatherings and delicious food, music is a vital part of the festive mood. Whether it's your favorite Christmas song, a tune that reminds you of a loved one no longer with you, or the one song that makes you tell your kids, "You don't know anything about this!", music is an essential ingredient of the holiday season.

If you want to know everything about music, who can you turn to? A DJ, of course! And if you're in Miami, the hottest DJ to consult is none other than DJ ReRe. She talks about her passion for music, shares her favorite Christmas tunes, and gives us a sneak peek into her plans for the future.



ReRe please tell the readers a little about yourself before entering the music industry.

ReRe was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. From a young age, she was

surrounded by music, from listening to the Temptations that her dad made her listen to hearing the blues and southern soul at her grandma’s house. She started playing the violin in elementary and quickly developed a passion for music. After graduating from high school, ReRe moved to Ames, Iowa to attend Iowa State University, where she studied Broadcast Journalism. While at Iowa State, she continued to pursue her music as a radio DJ at the college radio station. After graduating from college and living in Virginia, ReRe decided to move to Miami to pursue her dream of becoming a professional DJ. She knew it would be a challenge, but she was determined to make it happen.

ReRe the music industry has a vast number of opportunities from the artist, songwriter, to engineer so what was it about DJing that drew you in?

At the time, there were no well-rounded DJs, let alone Female DJs, so after many.

frustrations of horrible DJs at parties and events I was pressed and encouraged to learn to live mix from my already popular mix tapes (CDs) by my sorority sisters.

From the beginning of time, it seems like in any industry it can be male-dominated; so, tell us who are some female DJs that you look to for inspiration.

I look to Spinderella and Coco Chanel and my new DJ tribe all over the world. I find

inspiration from all over now.

We are still celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop. What is your favorite personal Hip Hop


I LOVED watching DMX at Woodstock in 99 on TV (YouTube). It was insane!

ReRe who by far is your favorite artist to work with?

Ne-Yo! It was like I was a part of his show, which I kinda was!

DJ ReRe and Ne-Yo

ReRe as I mentioned before the music industry can be male-dominated, but it seems like you are taking control of the narrative and tweaking it. You have your own company REmixed Events! South Florida’s Female DJ company. Can you tell us more about your company and what your vision is as the company grows?

In 2019, I took a leap of faith and founded REmixed Events. My vision was to

create a company that would empower female DJs and provide them with the

opportunities they deserve. But my ambitions for REmixed Events are beyond simply

providing top-tier DJ entertainment. I wanted to create a company that would make a difference in the lives of others. REmixed Events has also partnered with several local organizations to provide DJ services for charity events and fundraisers. I 'am passionate about using my platform to give back to the community that has supported me. REmixed Events is more than just a DJ company; it is a movement. I am leading the way for female DJs in Miami, and I am inspiring young girls all over the world to pursue their dreams in the music industry.

The Holidays are right around the corner and music is a must in most black households. What are some of your favorite holiday songs?

I am in love with the Chris Brown-This Christmas and Jessica Simpson-Let It Snow

JACKSON5 Christmas

ReRe what advice would you give to an inspiring female DJ?

Find your niche and develop your sound. What kind of music do you enjoy

playing the most? What kind of vibe do you want to create? Once you have a

good understanding of your musical preferences, start experimenting with

different genres and techniques to find your own unique sound.

We are 2 months away from a new year what is ReRe manifesting for the coming year?

I manifest the opportunities to perform on the most prestigious stages world-

wide, work with the elites of the world, and get in the studio and start producing

music. I envision myself collaborating with renowned artists and having my

company become the top-tier event production company in Miami.


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