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Review: A Thousand And One

A Thousand And One was a Sundance Film Festival winner and we now know why! Entertainment Journalist B. Scott bought out the AMC Hollywood Theater at Universal just so people would have the chance to see this film! Let me tell you, it is EPIC to say the least! The movie has an amazing cast; Teyana Taylor as Inez de la Paz, Aaron Kingsley Adetola as Terry (6 years old), Aven Courtney as Terry (13 years old), Josiah Cross as Terry (17 years old), Will Catlett as Lucky, and Terri Abney as Kim Jones. The movie is based in Harlem, New York. You quickly begin to see a storyline unfolding, from the moment the first scene begins with Teyanna (Inez) doing hair in prison.

This film is a must watch, because I can't give everything away! However; let me give you some of the climactic moments. Teyanna (Inez) finds Aven (Terry) on the streets playing with children after she gets out of prison. Terry seems to not want to be bothered by her, because she has left him before. Reluctantly, he starts trusting her and she eventually wins him over. Fast forward to her displaying just how much she loves Terry by taking him with her. Inez promises Terry that she has changed her act and will never leave him again. And she makes good on that promise.

While all of this is happening, you hear Rudy Giuliani and his run for mayor. During this time, Guliani introduces the "frisk and stop" as well as the "no jaywalking" law, which he says is in efforts to stop crime. Introducing these laws were more so to incarcerate Black people, especially Black men. In the early 90s, there was a very strong agenda in New York City to crack down on drug dealers. This led to the deterioration of Black families in every borough. Let me not get into that... I digress.

This movie does not have a predictable ending. You see a mother willing to fight for everything she loves, and you see a boy who is heartbroken. The family unit during the early 90s was so rough due to lawmakers and drugs in America. In the movie, Terry yearns for a family that he can depend on to be there and you will cry for him. That's all I have a for you! I'm sorry. This movie is worth every penny; I promise you!


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