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Take Action! Addressing the Mental Health Crisis Affecting Black Women in America.

Whitney Houston was one of the most successful and influential female vocalists of all time. When your mother is Cissy Houston and your godmother is Aretha Franklin, you have genetics that can’t lose. In the latest biopic of the 3x Diamond-certified artist, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” you learn so much about Whitney... the person. Plagued by gifts and being the sole provider for her family, she struggles with fame and mental health. Her vice for overcoming them all is drugs. This movie really illustrates the relationships and paths that ultimately drove her to her death at the young age of 48. It is a must watch!

The movie encouraged conversation surrounding mental health and the Black woman. Moderated by Dr. Erica Holmes, Amanda Seales, Kim Coles and Dr. Tina Armstrong comprised the expert panel and engaged in deep conversation about “The Danger of a Strong Black Woman.”

The panel highlighted the stress in being labeled “the strong Black woman” and being burdened by having to always maintain strength and a strong facade. As a Black woman, you even have the stress of “asking for help,” because people assume you’re “okay.” Take a look at some of the snippets from the conversation surrounding mental health and the importance of this topic continuing to be a discussion in the Black community.


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