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Tea With Tee- How Do I Increase My Self Esteem?

Hey Tee,

I have a question about self- esteem. I am not sure that I have good esteem. What do you consider to be healthy self-esteem?

~ DeAnna


Girl, I would say that self- esteem can be so layered. We have to look at what we are taught growing up, and who we are divinely designed to be. I would say that you have to be able to be comfortable sitting with yourself with no distractions. It's partially about being confident in who you are and not wavering there. It's also about using that confidence to think for yourself and believe in those decisions.

Self-esteem is tricky. We already have to have a healthy dose in order to combat what others teach us or think about us, and have enough of it that we don't let those words affect our self image. It has to deal with your assertiveness, dignity, and faith and pride in your abilities. That's such an ongoing process to maintain.



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