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Audrey Woodley: Preparing Women To Succeed In Life

Audrey Woodley is a dynamic speaker/life coach, and best known as a Brand Therapist for her impactful work helping women identify solutions to life’s obstacles. She is also an inspiration for Breast Cancer Survivors.

Audrey Woodley, a woman that is faith driven, setting her own goals, reaching higher paths, a lover of life, a lover of education, and a lover of people. She is fun, and loves to laugh. If she dreams it, she will get it. If she speaks it, she will do it. If you tell her no, she is going around to get to her yes. She is vulnerable at times. A survivor; learning and living the lessons of her mother and grandmother, who have both now passed on. She strives to be taken care of at the end as she did for her grandmother. Her inspiration for breast cancer survivors comes from her mother having breast cancer. It had been in remission for many years; when it returned it spread, but it did not stop or even slow her mother, Ms. Rita, down for a while. Audrey watched her mother continue to live her life to the fullest, be a community activist, and support system for a lot of people. When her mother needed help, Audrey was able to care for her through those times, all while teaching and raising her son. She credits her entrepreneurship, and being able to bring people together to her mother. Growing up, they had a candy store, sold pottery, and were able to bring family together.

Audrey started her non-profit about 15 years ago. She has taken her time with pushing forward, because she wanted to ensure that all things were lined up. She knows that now is the time to move. She created a high-school program and curriculum for adults. Changing Oasis, a non-public school in the state of Illinois, is a place to get your high school diploma, coaching, and mentorship. They are a resource for personal and professional development as participants continue their journey. Her goal is to be the tree to the community, and she is doing that by hosting school supply, coat, and clothing drives, collecting donations to help families during the pandemic, and stepping in where she sees a need to be filled. Learn more about this awesome program at

As a brand therapist, she offers personal development, guidance, confidence, help with creating programs for business, and exposure to media. She uses her past experiences to help others. She works mostly with coaches and authors. She helps them to focus on their niche, get speaking engagements, and how to get people to purchase their services/products.

Growing up, she always knew that she was a leader. She grew up in the church, but saw there was no grooming for leadership there without being involved in clubs or sororities; so she went on a mission to create it for herself and others. She had a math degree, but knew she needed more to transition to the coaching world. It started with her seeking a coach. She was trying to figure out how she was going to transition from being a wife, mother, and teaching eighth grade to position herself for entrepreneurship. For years, she invested in coaching for guidance while trying to figure it out. Personal development was big for her. She wanted to have someone help her put it all together. She also attended conferences, and watched other coaches.

What keeps Audrey going is the desire to see how things will manifest for her and her business. Also, the passion to no longer depend on the school system for her income and to have her nonprofit and other businesses stand on their own drives her.

She keeps pushing, because during this pandemic she received a letter that her job was ending. This caused her to apply to receive unemployment and government assistance. She looks at it as a blessing, because it afforded her the time to be the caretaker for her grandmother. She has since returned to work with the school system after they admitted they made a mistake; not only giving her the position back, but paying her the backpay they owed her.

Audrey shares an inspiring word, “Don’t give up. Keep going until you find your tribe." She continues, Don’t force yourself to be with people that don’t want you around. Continue to believe in what you are doing. If you say it, do it and encourage yourself. Be a student of your word. Don’t’ say things that you do not practice. Your trials and tribulations are an asset to grow you and your team. Your story is a way for people to connect to you. Protect your space.”

Learn more about Audrey, and all the great things that she is doing to build community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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