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Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Change: The Trailblazing Story of Tomeka B Holyfield

Tomeka B Holyfield is an extraordinary woman who is leaving a lasting impression through her remarkable achievements. Her path to success and her unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between the Christian and sports communities during NBA All-Star Weekend are commendable.


Her relentless determination and unwavering drive have characterized her journey to success in exploring new horizons. Despite encountering many obstacles along the way, her infectious personality and positive outlook have propelled her forward. Renowned for her refusal to accept “no” as an answer and her exceptional problem-solving abilities, she has emerged as a formidable presence in her field.


She is a source of motivation as a speaker, a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and the visionary executive producer and creator of the All-Star Gospel Celebration (ASGC). As the CEO of HAG-Helpppp Agency Group, she has achieved remarkable success in organizing faith-based events.

As a Black woman-owned production company breaking barriers, Tomeka’s ASGC is the official inspirational event during NBA All-Star Weekend. For 17 years, the ASGC has become prominent, introducing innovative elements that elevate the celebration.

Tomeka's vision and determination were crucial in jumpstarting her first company, The HELPPPPing Hands Foundation, INC., in 1997 while she was a student at Texas Southern University. This marked the start of her journey as a change agent and a voice of victory for the underdog.


The Helpppp Agency and Strategic BrandingIn 2006, Tomeka launched The Helpppp Agency, a production company and strategic branding agency. The agency houses and produces six faith-based properties during prestigious events such as Grammy® Week, Oscar Week, NBA All-Star Weekend, MLB All-Star Week, MLS All-Star Week, and the Global Shero Awards during breast cancer awareness month. Through her company, Holyfield has shown her innovative thinking and ability to produce exceptional events that captivate audiences.


Uniting Christian and Sports Communities

Tomeka’s primary goal for the ASGC is to bridge the gap between the Christian and sports communities during NBA All-Star Weekend and give glory to God amidst the glitz, glamour, and games. Over the years, the event has gained significant reputation, attracting notable figures who eagerly take part in the program.


A Giver, Believer, and Cheerleader for Women

A positive force who is both a visionary leader and a giver, believer, and cheerleader for women, her philanthropic endeavors and dedication to helping others have earned her admiration and respect. She embodies the spirit of a woman for the culture, empowering and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.


Not only is she a trailblazing executive producer and creator of the All-Star Gospel Celebration (ASGC), but also a master of creating unforgettable events. With her unique skills, creativity, and flair, she has consistently produced inspiring experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees.


Creativity and Details

She understands that it’s the little things that make a big difference in creating memorable events. From the choice of venue to the stage design, she meticulously crafts every aspect to ensure a seamless and captivating experience for attendees. Her creativity knows no bounds, and she pushes the boundaries of event production to deliver unique moments.


Immersive and Engaging Experiences

Mastering the art of creating immersive and engaging experiences for event-goers, she understands that the key to capturing an audience’s attention is by stimulating their senses and emotions. Whether it’s through captivating performances, interactive elements, or thought-provoking visuals, her events transport attendees into a world where they are engaged and connected to the experience.


Innovative Concepts and Themes

She is recognized for her imaginative thinking and skill in creating original event concepts. She consistently pushes boundaries and introduces fresh ideas that mesmerize audiences. From fusing gospel music with sports during NBA All-Star Weekend to integrating faith-based elements into high-profile events during award season, her innovative concepts breathe new life into traditional event formats, making them unforgettable.

Tomeka B Holyfield’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication, visionary thinking, and passion for bridging communities. Her ability to combine faith-based values with high-profile sports events has made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Her influence as a trailblazing woman for the culture continues to inspire and uplift others, cementing her legacy as a true visionary.


Photo credit: Robert Ector


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