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Black Women are Healing and Claiming their Place!

(Composed & Submitted by Nijiama Smalls)

As our country is focused on ending racism and profiling, black women have added an additional objective to their agenda. Across the country, black women are engaging in their own battle to heal their emotional wounds and unlearn toxic behaviors. The catalyst of this movement is the newly released non-fiction book The Black Girl’s Guide to Healing Emotional Wounds. This self-help book is now one of Amazon's fastest sellers with over 50,000 copies sold since it's release in March. It has been purchased by readers in the US, Kenya, and the UK. In addition to Amazon, it is also available for purchase at Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart and Books-A Million.

Written by author Nijiama Smalls, who lives in the Washington DC Metro area, this book addresses the emotional trauma suffered by black women in America. Tracing some of the roots back to slavery others to toxic learned behaviors, this book tackles the tough issues black women face--daddy issues, mommy issues, toxic relationships, jealousy, dysfunctional families and more. More importantly, it is also a call to action for black women to be includers of their counterparts and to unite to develop a sisterhood called the "blackgirl code". The blackgirl code will assist black women in networking and building connections that will break glass ceilings and put an end to disparities.

For information on the Black Girl’s Guide, click here; or to purchase the book, click here.

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