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Dallas Police Officer Quits Job to Launch a Feminine-Care Brand

Madison, a Dallas Police Officer, quit her job to empower women! Many women still aren't comfortable discussing their vaginal health; however, women are more confident than ever and Madison believes 2020 is our year!

With an educational background in Biology, promoting the importance of including Kitty Candy feminine hygiene products in our self-care regimes due to the rising number of chemicals and toxic ingredients found in our body care products is essential to this CEO and Founder! Kitty Candy is an all-natural, feminine-care line created to solve many of the issues women face using chemical washes and treatments.

Madison's products are enriched with organic elements to aid in a naturally safe way to cleanse our body. Kitty Care is self-care, and can easier be incorporated into your self-care routine. Madison suggests:

1) Kitty Candy monthly kits are specifically created for women on-the-go. It has the essential products to ensure women can properly maintain themselves monthly.

2) Kitty Candy has created a product line that is feminine, soft and chic enough that a woman would not be embarrassed to want to proactively invest in feminine products that will safely secure they are pH balance, odor and feminine symptom free.

3) Kitty Candy's Kitty feminine wash was created to naturally gently cleanse the feminine area without Harmful ingredients.

4) Kitty Candy has created daily applied elixirs that are handmade and derived from organic plants, fruits and oil to aid in deodorizing, moisturizing, balancing and neutralizing the outer feminine area for all day freshness! In 2020, we're taking control of our wellness, and breaking any shame associated with discussing our femininity. Knowledge is power! Just a few weeks ago, Essence announced that Kitty Candy is one of seven brands to "get to know in 2020!

Visit Kitty Candy on Instagram or for more.


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